Monday, December 3, 2012

December Already!

Well, can you believe it is December already?  The year is nearly finished, Christmas around the corner, and I haven't gotten everything done that I intended to do this year.  There is a lot on our plate these days, but I guess being older adds up to not getting as much done.  I'm thinking, really?  Or maybe, leaving home for 2 weeks at a time takes its toll on the home projects, you think? (the dust is collecting everywhere, and keeping up after being gone each time we arrive home is all I do)  At any case, there will be some roll overs into next year, like cleaning and organizing my fabric closet, the extra bedroom, which is the catch all, and the pantry reorganization.  I think, however, that I can get the room next to the kitchen painted and ready for a bed this month, at least that is my thinking, we will see with the holiday season here if I get that done before January and we leave to visit Jer and Tara in Colorado for a week.

We had so much fun with Josh and Robyn and the kids in Alaska.  I have to say that if my mother-in-law came to visit for 2 weeks, it would have taken a huge toll on me, but with Josh and Robyn, they just say, next time plan a month, 2 weeks just isn't enough!  I love my kids and grand kids, they are so fun to watch, intermingle with, and just love. 

We brought 2 sling shots with us for the boys, in our discussion before we left, we decided that to keep from hurting each other and the house in the middle of the winter, we needed something soft to shoot.  Dana bought marshmallows, and the war was on.  There was even several times when we thought we should have bought 5 sling shots, one for each member of the family.  They had so much fun with those sling shots!  And yes, as Robyn said on facebook, they are becoming a Duck Dynasty of their own.  When the dogs don't behave, she is shooting the bb gun at them, her shot is pretty darn good, even down the stairs, through the doorway into the dog kennel. Dana captured her standing on the kitchen counters shooting the boys with the sling shot.  Is this FFT? (forced family time?} Gabe broke his arm while we were there, he is a trooper.  Ali kept up with her homework, and lots of dishes, and Mr Lucas, is so cute with his glasses, he looks like Clark Kent!  He says they helps him with his math.

Josh spends his home time creating knives with matching sheaths, which the workmanship is incredible.  He has taught himself how to create the knives by reading books, the Internet, and simply just trial and error.  Such a great gift he has.  When the evening came, he would bring the sheaths up and sew them by hand while we visited, always working.  The kids get their time out in the garage with him, and they come in so cute with grease smeared on their faces and hands.  So fun to see the family working together and the bonds they are creating.

I wonder if they will live in Alaska forever, I must visit there in the summer, cause I'm pretty sure that it is simply too cold for me in the winter.  When we arrived back in Salt Lake City, I was feeling like we were in a heat wave in December.  Funny huh, how cold can be warm.  Of course we missed the moose in the backyard by 2 hours.  Didn't see any again this trip. 

They had stake conference while we were there, and the wards were all divided creating 3 new wards, not 1 but 3!  Alaska is growing in the church, and it shows, with these new wards.  It was fun to be there and see this too, what great blessings the Temple has given to the area.  Such a wonderful spirit there for sure.

I almost forgot, we went on a plane ride with a member of Josh's ward, Brian and saw Alaska from the sky in a little 6 seater Cesna (really am not sure if that is spelled right!)

I'm happy to be back home again, sleeping in my own bed.  There really is nothing like home.  We all have our comfort zone, and I have to say that 2 years in Ethiopia has made me appreciate home more and more.  Not that those 2 years weren't good, they were, home is just so comfy.

Rachel had a list of things for me to do when we arrived back, so did the first list by last Friday, and will start working on the second list tomorrow, mmmm, that may have something to do with why those closets haven't gotten clean too.  I really do love doing the lists she gives me, creativity is just one of those things that makes me happy.

Grand kids this weekend, so not much accomplished but them and decorating the house for Christmas.  That was another clean out session yesterday.  All the Christmas totes have been gone through, cleaned out, and a huge box ready for DI on Monday.  Many neighbor gifts pulled out and ready too.  Will report on how many totes will be refilled for next year.  I need to cut back, certainly not doing the decorating I used to.  However, this year I decorate for the little girls.  It probably will be that last Christmas they are close in Vernal.  That is a discussion for another day.

Last to share is Becca Ann.  Britney told me that she decided when she turns 18 she is moving out and living with grandma!  So funny, but great to be so loved.  I do feel loved by those so close to me, a month in Alaska next time, not sure, but I love that we get along so well, enjoy and love each other so much that these things can be said and meant.

Ciao for now.


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