Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flipping Houses

There are certainly different seasons in our lives when
 we decide to do something different.
Right now this is what I have been doing.

Since August last year we have been discussing 
new plans with our son Jeremiah, of working on buying and selling 
houses.  So I started looking for cheap houses in our area to
purchase and flip.  It is a very difficult market where we live,
we even had several homes we put offers in on,
But things just were not working out for us in our home state.

Jeremiah started looking for houses in other areas of the U.S., 
and alas, our partnership formulated and we started buying 
Houses together.  

We have finished our first house, put it on the market, 
And 2 weeks later accepted an offer and we are up and ready 
to finish our first flip, and let the new owner take over.

It has been a challenge but at the same time very enjoyable.
I love to decorate, but I also love to work.

Some days we work so hard I get back to the house and crash
Not even thinking there could be anything else to do but stop!
But as a whole we are enjoying this new chapter in our lives.

Here are picture of our first house.

2329 Woodsman Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

This house originally had green shudders and pink pillars!
We also added the arch over the front window.

2329 Woodsman Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

The living area didn't have the arch window or the open doorways,
even though there were doorways there, they were much smaller,
the floors were vinyl, and the kitchen and living area
had 2 separate types of vinyl.
This room turned out awesome, love the floors, and we also had
a contractor come in and scrape the popcorn ceilings and paint for us.

2329 Woodsman Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

This kitchen looks so awesome now!  It originally was completely wallpapered
in floral/fruit wall paper, as were both bathrooms, laundry room, and closets wallpapered too, but in
different wallpapers.  I spent 3 days just stripping wallpaper!

We used mindful grey from Sherwin Williams to paint the walls in the house,
We also had all new cupboard doors made for the kitchen and 
new drawer pulls and knobs for the entire kitchen.
New granite countertops, and a subway tile backsplash were added
to the kitchen as well.

The house flows really well with the laminate flooring that flows
from the front door through the living room to the kitchen and
all the way to the back door.

We also added the island to the kitchen with granite.

Both bathrooms got new vanity tops and fixtures.

I love how the house turned out.

I will see if I can find some original photos of the inside of the house.

Our first house is a great success!



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Recycled Boxes

Hello there!

Today I wanted to do something a little different.

I have been saving these old boxes forever,
and today I covered them with paper.
Sorry I didn't take pictures of the old boxes.
they were pretty dated!

I chose black, white, and grey.

I love how the new papers go with the old papers.

These are the 3 cardstock papers I used,
Smoky Chevron, Black on White Damask, and Silver on Black Paisley

Black on White Damask Thermal CardstockSilver on Black Glitter Cardstock
Smoky Chevron Cardstock

I traced the boxes, and covered the boxes with elmers glue.
Then glued the papers right on the box.

I then stacked the boxes and tied them with a sheer black ribbon 
with gold fleur de lis.  
Attached an "O" for O'Crowley.

This was simple and pretty easy,
I was done in a few hours.
And now I have cute, updated boxes to use in my house.

Have a great day!

If you click on the papers they will link you to the web site
where you can purchase these papers.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

OCrowley Hobbits

Nothing more fun than a few Hobbits

Robin posting today.
These are my grandsons, they have the elfin cloaks like the
Hobbits wore throughout the Lord of the Rings Movies.

I used the Lodge Collection, Forrest Collection and a few other
things to complete these layouts.
The feathers are from Gina's Designs.
I love her chipboard designs, and use them a lot in my layouts.

The layout background of this layout is the clover CS.
Oval sticker, and tear and dew drops.

The lower layout is the Getaway Glitter CS, and 
I used the Lodge line and Forrest line with this layout as well.

I also used the Tree Straws, Tear drops and dew drops.

This was part of our photo shoot with the boys.
They dressed up as Hobbits. Their mom made the elfin cloaks for them
for Halloween the year before.  The cloaks are awesome.
Any young man who love Lord of the Rings would love to
have one of these.  Thanks Mom!

You can find these products on our website

Lodge CutOuts CardstockNatural TwineClover Border Glitter Cardstock

Birch Tree Paper StrawsGetaway Glitter CardstockOutdoors StickerForest Trees Specialty Paper

I hope you enjoy your day,
Tell me what you think of these layouts,
I love your comments.



Monday, March 30, 2015

Beautiful Italian Recipe Holder

Welcome to the Robin's Nest Blog Hop!

Today is our Bi-annual Blog Hop!
Our theme this Blog Hop is Recipes. 

I admittedly am not really a cook. so when I read that 
the theme was recipes, I gasped!
What am I going to do?

I thought and thought,
Should I make a recipe book?
Should I show my favorite recipe?
Should I bough out?
Really, that was the best option.

But, I went in the scrapbook room, 
and started working on other projects, trying to get
myself motivated to make this post,
and I remembered Gina's Designs, an easel
type thing that I have been saving for a special project.

This is IT!!!!

So, just as we have finished new counter tops and backsplash
for our kitchen, the new papers were produced
a few months ago, and it all became real,
and my recipe holder is now finished, and I 
love it!

I hope you do too.

I started with Gina's Designs Easel.

 I then painted the scroll work,
and glued the back of Saffron Honey Linen CS
on the face of the easel.

Then after that I used another sheet of  Saffron Honey and
cut out the larger designs from the paper individually.

I popped them with pot dots and glue dots.

It is hard to see here all the elements that are 3 dimensional.
But in the next few pictures hopefully you will be able to see
the dimensions in the holder.

Here is one of the cut out pieces from the Saffron Honey Linen CS.

On the other side of the recipe holder, is Recipes (spelled wrong)
I found out when I was posting!  I will fix that.
And a few elements just made with papers from the new
Saffron Sunrise product line.

Here you can see the pop out of the "fountain".

More of the holder, papers, dew drops, and Eiffel tower over
in the corner from one of our stickers. 

I made a little twirly with Black Diamond drops, 
and a gold dew drop.
The gold and black dew drops, with the black glitzy strawy ribbon
 come from a embellishment pack called Saffron Straw.

Just a few more shots of the recipe holder

The rose is cut from the Saffron Honey Linen paper too,
I love how the linen show on the rose,
and I love how the linen paper feels!

Here again is the finished recipe holder,
next to it is a recipe book that Rachel made for 
each member of our family a few years ago,
It has recipes in it from all members of the family,
and all ages,

Some fun memories in this book,
how to kill a moose and made dinner,
marshmallow sandwiches,
and much more,
the little kids had such fun ideas,
and it is such a fun recipe book.

I hope that you have a great day,
that you have found lots of ideas on recipe ideas,
and have enjoyed this post.

I love to hear your comments!
Follow me,
there is so much more to come!

You can find these products on
The Robin's Nest website



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Redone Zebra Lampshade

Hello there,

I have been working on a few rooms in the house
that need a little updating, and as I was working on the
guestroom, I sewed new pillows from old
clothes, put them on the bed, put up new curtains, and
thought I was done.
On the end table was a clear bubbled glass lamp with an older
lampshade, it matched, I thought it looks good.

Sat back on the chair in the room, and kept on thinking,
something needs to be changed.
I changed the picture above the bed, added
 dimensional angels blowing horns and sat again and thought
it needs something else.

Then it occurred to me the lamp was still the 
shabby Victorian look and needed to be updated,
so here is what I did.

It needed lightened,
so I chose the Cream Glitter Zebra CS.
I needed 4 sheets to cover the lampshade.

I drew the edges of the shade on the paper, 2 12x12 sheets glued together.

Cut out the shapes.

Then with a glue gun, glued the Zebra CS to the lamp shade.
I did have to do some trimming with scissors to 
make it lay flat.

Here is the covered lampshade.

I then glued from the dress I used to make the cheetah pillows from,
the tie from the back of the dress.
I glued it to the bottom edge of the lamp shade.

I then added dew drops to the top and bottom edge of the lamp.
I alternated colors and shapes.

Here is the lamp sitting on the end table in the corner of the room.

These are shots of the lamp close up, with the dew drops glued on.

The lamp with all the accessories.

The room is so much more complete!
The lamp shade needed to have less of a pattern and color to it
to make the room feel good.

Just a few photos from the guest room again.

The pillows made from a dress and a skirt.

So inviting!

Have a great day!



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hiking in Alaska

Hello Robin's Nest Readers,

Robin Posting today.

Still more Alaska pictures!

I'm getting closer to getting this trip finished!
So more to come.

I wanted to do something completely different with this layout.

I decided to add a bright pink with the green to this layout.
It is just a simple layout, but so monumental
to the trip.  We just had lots of fun in the beautiful
Alaska mountains.
Who could not fall in love with this scenery?

I can see why people love to live in Alaska, I will 
add to that, in the Summer!

I don't enjoy the winters, but seriously, I don't really enjoy
the winters period.  I like them, just not for a very long time.
But, alas, I live in Utah, so there is cold, cold, cold.
So while, I am in the cold, I love to flip through
my summer photos and enjoy the warmth that is inseminated by the photos.

I love how the pink and green go together with these 
fun photos,  can you see the fire plants that are
so famous in Alaska in these pictures?

They line the roads everywhere there and bring such beauty to the 
state.  We went blueberry picking, but didn't find any blueberries on this trip,
just hiked, and enjoyed the view of these gorgeous mountains

I used the Glitter Clover CS, Pink Glitter Sorbet, Discovery Girl,
and the Outdoor Sticker.

Clover Border Glitter CardstockShocking Pink Glitter Sorbet Cardstock
Discovery Girl Glitter CardstockOutdoors Sticker

You can find these products on our web site.

Have a great day.