Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bonding Scrapbook layout


You know how guys are, 
slap on the back, butt heads or chest, punch.  
These are their forms of affection.

I am in Alaska,
visiting with our oldest son,
and his family.
Robyn, his wife, 
(yes, there are 2 Robin OCrowley's)
let me go through a box of photos that are 

I of course, love these fun moments for my
own books  to look through,
and I get to use a new variety of photos,
older kids!

So these are the kind of guy pics
I found, they are so Josh, and just 
so fun to see how much he loves his sons.

I used our new baby line of papers and stickers, and a few other
papers that just seemed to add that 
guy look to the page.

And of course dew drops, in blue 
to match the page.

I also cut out the motif from the classified cardstock.

Well, just a fun simple layout with my son and his sons.




Wednesday, August 21, 2013

School Mini Book

School Mini Book

I've always wanted to do a cute
mini just for school.
Rachel designed awesome paper that is absolutely 
Perfect for School.

Here is a link to our website to find this paper

This is an 8x8 album.  
I also added to the grouping of products to use
Classified Papers
Blue glitter cardstock
Boy Sticker

They all fit into the school theme I was working on.
I love the fonts used on this cardstock.
It is so "today"
and what the kids of today
see and like.

I used several sheets of these alphabet paper 
and numbers paper.
First I cut out the pages for the book.
there is a 4 inch left over edge 
of paper to use as embellishments on the book.
I spent an hour or so just cutting out
numbers and letters,
or cutting the entire strip of letters
for a border.

Then I started to put my book together.
On the front cover of the book is the number paper,
I then added stickers, clocks cut from the clock cs, and some of the cut out
letters. Some are popped up.

Then blue and silver dew drops, a piece of lined school paper
finish the cover of the book.

I also wanted to have the word SCHOOL
on the front of the book.
So I used a tag punch, and school lettering from 
my scrapbook stash
and put a letter on each of the pages of the book at the top
as a tag, and a title all in one.

My pages came next.
I picked this rust color and blue as the theme colors of the book.

Now from here on out, I have used the images I cut out from the 
left over paper as my embellishments.
I did cut the book pages from different sections of the 
12x12 paper so each page has a
different look, but I used the same paper.

I also used a small lined note pad
as my journaling tags in the book.  You can find these 
for 25 cents at the store.

This paper works for all ages,
I would do a teen high school
book in this paper too.  It is designed for 
all ages, and perfect for our day and time.

Because we learn so much about the world,
I used the ancient map cs, and as a opposite to the page
I used the airplane diamond cs from the new baby line.
The striped paper is Admiral Daisy/Stripe CS.

Between these pages is a mini page.
I love to add these,
just to make a statement and add
more photos instead of more of the same pages.
This page is smaller, and is a pocket page,
inside the pocket is a tag with another picture!

Here are the pages without the mini page inside.

Our last few pages are made with the Classified Cs, and the flag paper.
I used pictures glued together for one of the pages
of the kids playing at the playground.
Another pocket page after that with 2 tags inside it.
And then the flag as my last page.

On the last page,
I added on the flag
the Pledge of Allegiance
You can do this with any country
or any school motto.

These kids I have in this book are our
Alaska family,
they home school their kids, so
school is a bit different here.

Love my to Scrapbook my family.

Here again is the front cover of the book.

Can you believe it is school time already?
Fall is around the corner. 
Can't wait!

Remember you can find these products on our website.



Sunday, August 18, 2013



Many years ago I just couldn't get Hawaii out of my system.

We went several times, over and over,
and each time we came back, I wanted more of that
slow paced, tropical life.

Over the years I have gotten over it, but I do love to go
where there is water.  
I love to camp by the water, and I love to
sit on the beach and just
soak in the beauty of the world of

Here is the cover page that I created for one of my
Hawaii albums.

I decided to do something a bit different. and so the challenge was on.
Different, what is different.

Here I have used leaf beads from my bead stash, and the best find of all
was the use of a CD case/

I took the original papers out, and filled the case with
Robin's Nest glitter paper, beads, yarn and a photo.

Here is the CD case up close.  I just used glue dots
to adhere the case to the page. and glue dots
to adhere the beads to the edge of the inside of the case/

You could also add some pages and make a little book inside the CD
case to make the page even have more meaning.

Mini dew drops in pink ad such character to the page.
I love to drape them down the page 
and then add a few other embellishments 
to complete the look.  
Here I have used a leaf bead, 
and flower stickers.

I love to pull out our Hawaii books and reminisce. 
I don't have to go any more to feel that 
tropic life, I just open my books
and I am there all over again.

Products used:

Glitter Spring Flowers
Glitter Spring Flowers Sticker
Pink Mini dew drops
All other products from my scrapbook stash

Visit our website

Clearsnap has great inks to add to the look of your page.
This would be awesome to do to this page too.

Hugs to all of you,


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Clam Digging in Alaska

Clam Digging in Alaska

We are making more checks on my
Bucket list!
One thing I have always wanted to do is go clamming.
Another is crabbing, but that will be another time.

We started our day at 4 am, everyone dressing 
and getting ready to go, all 7 of us.
The drive was about 40 minutes to get to 
Clam Gulch.
We unloaded the shovels, buckets, and dogs,
then the vehicles had to up the hill to be parked, and we started our
walk to the edge of the water.
At 6 am was when the tide was lowest,
so we wanted to be there at the lowest tide to start digging.

The light wasn't quite ready when we arrived.  It was hard to
see the little open holes in the sand.  
But as the sun started coming up we started finding our little holes.

So here's what you do.  
Find a open mini hole, dig really fast, and find the clam.
It took a few holes to figure out what we were
doing, because clams are fast!
We dug Razor clams.

Once we got the hang of it, Dana and I would look for holes,
Gabe with us, find a whole, Dana would dig really fast
and find the clam in the middle of all the sand.
We learned a few things,
Clams can dig fast when they know they are in 
danger, and they do, down or to the side,
you don't really know which way.
So the key to finding them is
to dig fast, and have a person going through the
sand and find the clam.

Here is a Razor Clam in Gabes hands
I always thought that you would go to the beach, 
there would be rocks with little pools of water
and you would go find the clams in the pools of water.
This was not my vision, but it was so much fun.

We walked the sand bars together, finding 
holes, digging, picking clams,
filling our bucket, and then on to
finding more holes.

We all worked together in teams looking for holes, 
then digging and putting our clams in our buckets.
Here you can see all the holes that we have dug,
not that you find a clam in every hole.

We spent 3 hours digging for clams,
dug 105 clams, Razor clams, and Butter clams
The boys went swimming,
the dogs ran, and ran, and ran everywhere.

It was very adventurous!

Today, we cooked and opened the 
clams, cleaned out the meat,
and froze the stash.
We ended up with 8 cups of cleaned clams.
I made my favorite clam chowder, 
which everyone LOVED!

And, we had a blast
with our kids and grandkids
making memories 
we won't forget.

And another item off the Bucket List!

Hugs to you all,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Becca Ann

Becca Ann

There is not a thing more fun than to take pictures of your family.

While our 9 grandchildren were here for 2 weeks this summer,
We spent some fun hours dressing up
and taking photos.

I can't wait to get these photos back
from the printer and start making
pages with them.

This picture is Becca Ann about 5 years ago/
She just had her 9th birthday last week,
So we will celebrate her this post/

I really wanted a page simple yet elegant.  
I love to use our Staple papers when I am in the mood for this.

Just for fun
I went pink and brown.

I used 
Classic Glitter Swirl in brown. (It comes in 11 colors)
Glitter Daisy/Stripe in gold with pink glitter
 (it comes in 6 colors) the stripe is the back side of this paper
Brown Cardstock
Glitter Princess Crown CS
Pink stripe is the back side of Princess Crown
Daughter Sticker
Metallic Pink Dew Drops
Corrugated Brown box
Princess Clippies
Pink letters from my scrapbook stash 

I just drew on the paper with the tip of the glue bottle the swirls
then placed the dew drops on the swirls

The glitter flowers are cut from the
Glitter Gold Daisy/Stripe CS
then adhered to the corrugated box cut from a spellbinders die

I so love the dimension that the dew drops give
to the page.
You can make any shape with them, because you are not limited.
Just draw with the tip of your glue, and 
slide the dew drops on!
That simple.

you can purchase these products on our website

Have a great day,



Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alaska August 2013


While we are in Alaska, the first time in what I thought was summer, 
I want to share what we have seen here.
First, in August, 
it is rainy, cloudy, and cool.
Not Summer, more early Fall.
so I didn't pack warm enough for this
cool weather.

We stopped in at Value Village,
the local thrift store,
so we could buy long pants, and long sleeve shirts
for this cooler weather.
I can wear Robyn's shirts and shoes.
So just pants for me.

I have only been to Alaska in the winter,
so this is a new adventure for me,
Green leafed trees
instead of Snow covered trees!

We have been here 5 days now, wow, the time goes by fast!
One day Robyn took us to go
blue berry picking.
Well, we never found any blue berries
we did find some very beautiful
mountains and scenery,
which is what I have never seen of

Our crew, minus me.
This is Gabe, Lucas, Dana, Robyn, Ali

The beauty of the Alaska Mountains

Lunch in hand,
We are ready to pick
Alas, no blue berries
So we just ate
with these beautiful surroundings

Can you believe this is
just all
Every day!

Ali in the field of flowers

Gabe tromping through the field

It sprinkled on us a bit
but to see such a sight,
it is worth having a few drops

Ferns and flowers in the grove of trees
we walked through.
It felt like a 
Lord of the Rings set
the trail went through
short trees that were arched
over the top of you.
Such natural beauty.

The flowers growing wild
on the sides of the road, 
in the fields,
by the streams,
and the lakes.


We are loving it here,
August in Alaska.

Have a great day!