Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alaska August 2013


While we are in Alaska, the first time in what I thought was summer, 
I want to share what we have seen here.
First, in August, 
it is rainy, cloudy, and cool.
Not Summer, more early Fall.
so I didn't pack warm enough for this
cool weather.

We stopped in at Value Village,
the local thrift store,
so we could buy long pants, and long sleeve shirts
for this cooler weather.
I can wear Robyn's shirts and shoes.
So just pants for me.

I have only been to Alaska in the winter,
so this is a new adventure for me,
Green leafed trees
instead of Snow covered trees!

We have been here 5 days now, wow, the time goes by fast!
One day Robyn took us to go
blue berry picking.
Well, we never found any blue berries
we did find some very beautiful
mountains and scenery,
which is what I have never seen of

Our crew, minus me.
This is Gabe, Lucas, Dana, Robyn, Ali

The beauty of the Alaska Mountains

Lunch in hand,
We are ready to pick
Alas, no blue berries
So we just ate
with these beautiful surroundings

Can you believe this is
just all
Every day!

Ali in the field of flowers

Gabe tromping through the field

It sprinkled on us a bit
but to see such a sight,
it is worth having a few drops

Ferns and flowers in the grove of trees
we walked through.
It felt like a 
Lord of the Rings set
the trail went through
short trees that were arched
over the top of you.
Such natural beauty.

The flowers growing wild
on the sides of the road, 
in the fields,
by the streams,
and the lakes.


We are loving it here,
August in Alaska.

Have a great day!


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