Wednesday, October 23, 2013


While we were in Germany 
2 years ago, Dana's sister and brother in law
were living there, took us to Zurich.

The city was intoxicating,
and hundreds of people walk the streets.
I learned while we were there,
that Zurich is the place where, people of
 prestige go to do their shopping,
mmmm, well, we didn't buy anything
just window shopped and took 
lots of pictures.

It was a fun day, 
we were bundled up in our coats, 
scarfs and hats.
We needed all three for sure.

You can see here that the city
is full of homes of great affluence.
We loved the visit, and all the fun things in the windows.
So gold and black seemed fitting.
I used punches with the Gold glitter chipboard, and 
I used the cricut for the swirls and key hole.

I used:
Gold Glitter Fleur on Black
Gold glitter dot
Gold glitter chipboard
Gold Glitter Letter Stickers
Gold Glitter Classic Swirl on Black

This is a simpler and fun layout as well..
It didn't scan in very well, 
because of the black clip I used on the mini vellum envelope.
But none the less, 
I decided to share it anyway.
This is a cathedral on the river in Zurich

I used: 
Brown Paisley
Red watercolor cs
Viva la France Rub-on
Red glitter chipboard
And other products from my scrapbook stash
The ribbon is from a partner this year.

As a note to this post,
The brother in law, that took us all over
Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and France,
was just diagnosed with cancer.

Our prayers are with Mark and Heather
everyday, with this new found 
way of life they are now experiencing.
We so appreciate them, and the many, many places
they have taken us over the years.

Hugs to you all!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall in Treiburg

Oh for sure, 
my favorite season is Fall.

I love the cooler mornings,
the change of the leaves, and the falling leaves
all around.

I love the colors
and just the feel of the days.

While we were in Africa for 2 years
there were no falls,
none of the above. 
So now, back in the USA, 
love for the fall season to come,
and I soak in every minute of it.

This layout was so very much fun to create.

I am still scrapbooking our trip to Germany,
there are alot of pictures when you are there for 
a month.  Thank goodness for family
members living there so we can stay that long!

I used:
Gracious Getaway Stripe (back side)
Red Glitter Swirl
Brick Watercolor (retired)
Fall Dew Drops
Autumn Sticker
Yellow tear drops
Fall leaves ( a new embellishment item)
Other products come from my scrapbook stash.

Look for these products on the Robin's Nest Web site

Hope your fall is as enjoyable as mine,
Soaking in all the fall colors and feel of the season.

Hugs to you all,


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I love Halloween

Last year I posted a Halloween 12x12 binder
and layouts that went in the binder.

Some of the pages were a little unconventional, since
I had to heat cut my sheet protectors to fit the layout pages
because they were a bit smaller than 12x12.

It looked great in the binder though, and
 you can look at that post under
Robin's Posts.

Here are some of those layouts with 
actural photos in them.

Here is Luke and Gabe, 
these are our grandsons in Alaska.
Dressed up for me so I could see their costumes 
last November.

This is Aliyah, one of the 3 girls of Jakes, 
She looks so cute in her Star Wars Costume.

Here I am,
Dressed up! 
I never do this, but since we had been 
gone for 2 years I did a little more for Halloween than normal.
I dressed up and painted spiderwebs on my eyes

My Set up for the kids to come and choose treats.
They had marshmellow skeletons, witch hat cookies,
mummy candy bars, and much, much, more,
thanks to pintrest.

Hope you have a great Halloween this year!



Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Pantry Door

In our kitchen,
years ago we had new cupboard doors
specially made by a special friend of ours. 
We left them natural, and we haven't done anything
with the kitchen for years.

Designs and styles have been changing over the years, 
 and I am contemplating making some changes in the kitchen.

I finally decided to step off the cliff,
and make a change.
We had truck problems, after our truck was fixed
and ended up staying home for 4 days we had 
planned on being gone helping others.

So during this 4 days I took advantage of the time home
and work on the pantry door.  I have pinned lots of pictures
of different ideas, mostly I wanted the pantry door to stand out
from the cupboards in the kitchen. 
Dana thinks it is a sin to paint nice wood.
Sometime it is, so I have hesitated on doing anything
because I wanted it to be painted.

I went through my pins on pintrest, and I found something
very interesting about myself.  
I love white, cream, natural wood, and diamonds.
I also love ochre yellows and black.
So how do you put all of that together?

Well, here is what I ended up doing.

Here is the original door

I painted inside the panels white.

I wanted a contrast of white and cream,
the rest of the door is painted cream.
I painted the insides of the panels cream as well.

I then made a pattern for the inside panels of diamonds
the pattern is the white paper taped to the bottom of the
edge of the door.  I measured and marked where my lines should
go, and drew them with a ruler.
I then taped the diamonds, I had to use an exacto
knife to get the excess tape off so all the diamonds to be
painted would show.  It was a little more work than I had
anticipated, but loved the results.

I then distressed the inside of the taped diamonds with Ralph Lauren 
sienna colored glaze.  After I pulled off all the tape, here is my result.  I decided to paint
the molding around the door the same color as my window moldings.
I also distressed the newly painted door.

I used sand paper and a very stiff bristled brush
At this point, I decided the door looked pretty bright in my
natural kitchen, so I decided to antique the entire door.

Again I used the Ralph Lauren glaze.  With a cloth
I wiped the glaze all over the door, following the grain of the wood.

Here is the finished door.  
I am in love with it.  I took a little more time than I had
anticipated, but the result made me very happy.

Distressed, antiqued, and painted.  
I will share more pictures later, as I start decorating 
for the seasons.  My seasonal wreaths will hang
here for sure.

I have more changes to go to finish the kitchen the way I want it.
This is the first of many projects.  

Until next time.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween invititation


Every year while her kids were at home
she would have a halloween party.

Her house is decorated so cute with
spiderwebs and spiders everywhere.
Pumkins at her front door,
with little children there to talk to you.

It is always to fun to watch as a mother
 the traditions that your children start for thier
own children.

Rachel created this card, 
it is soooo cute.

The card and the envelope

Glitter Chipboard pumkin and spider ring with the ring part cut off.

The invite.
Haunted House Cardstock
Halloween rub on
Black diamond drops

Such a cute envelope with the rub ons on it.
I think all the hard work is done with this
cute haunted house paper.  Just add 
your stamped invite,
 and fill it in.

Fast and easy!

Hugs, and Happy Halloween!

Robin and Rachel

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Tour of Mexico continues

What a wonderful week it has been! 

 We arrived back in Mexico City on Tuesday.  We had traveled to Cordoba Stake and made a presentation to the leaders there, then on Monday traveled around the stake and visited some homes and businesses to see their resources.  They are ready to start their program, and Ellis' will wait for their contact next to go on to the next step.  It was amazing what we saw.  And so many willing people to get the project started.  
The drive home was long, 11 hours to drive a 3 hour trip.  But home in one piece.

On Wednesday evening I went to the Folklorico Ballet with some of the other
missionary couples, Dana wasn't feeling well, so didn't go.
Here are some photos from the Ballet.

We flew to Tuxtla Gutierez, Chiapas on Friday.
Met with 3 Stake Presidencies on Friday night,
then had Saturday to visit a town in the highlands of Chiapas, San Cristobal.
Here we shopped and saw the Chamulos (Mayan) People.
Such a dream for us.

Sunday after Sacrament meeting the Mission President, President Cardenas
came and picked us up to visit a disitrict under him in the Highlands of Chiapas.
Again visiting the Chamulos people, but these are members of the Church.
Only in my most coveted dreams are these things possible.
It was a 2 hour drive through very windy roads before we arrived.
The members, still in church meetings, we are able to visit with them about the 
program, and hear their questions and answer them.
Sister Ellis is fluent in Spanish.
We visited 2 branches, the second branch we parked the car at the top of the mountain
road, then walked 1/4 mile down the hill to find a LDS Chapel on the side of the 
mountain with members waiting for us to arrive.

We visited one of the family's home, right on the side of the mountain.

Then a mad rush back to Tuxtla Gutierez for the 7 pm meeting we were going to.
We had a great visit with the Mission President as we traveled,
and he decided he wanted to take us to another District in his mission 
that the members also needed help, so he picked us up the
next morning at 8 and we drove to Oaxaca to that district.

He so loves his people, and was willing to take 2 days out of his busy schedule
to take us to these places, so that they would have the opportunity to have
this program to help their people.  We arrived back at 6 pm to the hotel.
2 long days, but wonderful in the things we saw, and the people who will 
now have the opportunity to become self reliant.

Today we have a few hours in between visiting resources and members homes.
and I am writing just a few words to share.

What a great work this is, and what wonderful people we have been able to meet.
We are so impressed with the leadership everywhere, and the people.
Mexico is much more advanced than we ever could have imagined.
We love this calling, and love these people.