Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Girl Layout

Sweet Girl Layout

Introducing our NEW Special Delivery Line.

Whoo Hooo!  This is a layout done with our new Special Delivery line of paper, stickers and embellishments.  Today I am sharing the little girl look that you can get from the line, and each of my next posts will show the baby side to the line, and the boy Special Delivery line.  Our little friends are our favorite part of the new line.  Little girls, little boys, and little babies!  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Embellishing Home

Ever wonder if there are other things you can embellish in your home with Dew Drops?  I am always thinking, this could use a few dew drops, or that frame would be so cute with a few dew drops added to it.
I embellished my towel holder with dew drops!  This is inside my main floor bathroom by the kitchen.  I love fleur de lis, and so here it is, embellished with pearl dew drops.

So here it is, so cute!  



Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Little Treasure

Our Little Treasure

Caleb is the first boy in a family of 3 girls. He came last year, a little over a year ago.  I have to admit, this is the first picture I have scrapbooked of him, but alas, no longer!  I have been waiting for this new Special Delivery Product Line to do his pictures! 

Here is this cute little boy, with the new products all on a great layout.  Here are the new products and papers in this line.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back in the Saddle

It's time for me to get back in the saddle here.  I love to post on my blog, and need to keep up better.

Dana and I have been busy though, and our work continues to keep us out of town.  We have been to Hardin, Montana, and Colorado Springs, Co.  This last few months.  Teaching self- reliance in Hardin, and visiting Tara and the boys in Colorado.  It was great, and both trips fun.

As we drove to Hardin, we stopped in Rexburg, Idaho and visited the temple, then that evening we visited Wes and Alissa Haws and their family.  We met them in Ethiopia, and became such good friends.  They adopted 5 children in Ethiopia, and it was so much fun to see the kids and their view of  America, what they liked about the US, and such.  They had dinner for us and we visited for the evening.  It was pure joy, and such a treat.

Then to Billings, Mt where we visited another temple, before we spent a few days on the reservation with a small branch in Hardin.  Great people there, with great desire to become self-reliant.  It touches our hearts when they are so willing.

Yesterday we arrived home from a week long visit with Tara, Jeremiah's wife, kissing the grandkids, and especially Kade the new baby, and helping around the house with the honey-do list.  She is such a great person and mother.  We were able to work on the front yard, and it made such a big difference in the look of the house.  Loved our visit and glad we were able to help.

This is the bulk of the week, helping get the front yard landscaped, but the real reason we visited is we have a new grand son!  Here are photos of new baby Kade and his brothers.

This is Baby Kade,  Tara and Jeremiah's new baby boy.

 Dana with Braxton and Weston
 Weston fell in love with Grandpa, and wanted him close always
Here is our Braxton after he got his hair cut!

We had a great week, and loved our time there.  Tara is so special, and we wonder how she gets anything done will this crew, but she does a great job!  

Well, off for now!  


Monday, May 20, 2013

House Numbers

Hello all,

Robin here.  I decided to do a project and dew drop my house numbers.  Now mind you, we took the numbers off our house 7 years ago and never put them back on because they don't match.  So as I was wanting to find a new and different project to blog, I was cleaning the laundry room, and found these on one of the shelves.

Mmm, I thought this is it, I will paint and dew drop my letters, and Dana can put them up on our house.  So I painted them with a rust colored paint.  I left the numbers white, but as I was painting, our little grand daughters arrived and I did not shut my scrapbook room door.  Well, they were a BIG help, haha, and I ended up painting the numbers white, because somehow, no one knows, they were rust!

I then used a pale yellow dew drop and adhered them with Crystal Lacquer.  They are glued on exceptionally well.

Just a little bling on these numbers.

Here they are up above the front door of my house, Dana suggested to put them there instead of next to the door,  I liked it.

I included the hat on the front door.  It is from a little village in Ethiopia, from the Gegerra Water Project we worked on there.  Dana and I were both given one of these hats in appreciation for the work we did there.  Only men wear these hats, but I wore mine that day at the celebration.  I wonder what they would think of their hat on my front door wrapped in ribbon!  It holds a special place in my heart.  Many good and wonderful memories from that little village, everyone living in huts.  What a world we live in!

Well this is all for now, hope you have some new ideas of what you can do with dew drops, they aren't only for scrapbook pages.  You can put them almost anywhere, on any project!