Friday, November 16, 2012

Visiting Josh and Robyn in Alaska

Hello all,

We are in Wasilla, Alaska for the next few weeks, and for Thanksgiving with Josh and Robyn and thier family.  Long day getting up here, but the view is so beautiful here especially in the snow.  It is a bit cold, I sit here writing this wearing my long johns, my wool sweater, socks, and a scarf around my neck!  Ok, so Dana is just wearing a sweater and a jacket when we go out.  So if he puts anything extra on it is cold, I'm just colder.

We went to 2 basketball games last night, the last of the games for Gabe and Luke for this years season.  They were so cute out there, both the smallest on the team, arms up to block the ball, wasn't doing much good with the tall boys, but they are great sports and love running up and down the court to engage with the ball.  This evening was fun with them, and the night air even colder with the wind blowing.  Mmmmm, very glad we live in Utah weather, not that it is much warmer, but it is somewhat warmer.

Ali and I worked together at the kitchen table, I with a scrapbook page that sat on the floor of my scrapbook room for 5 months, I can't figure out what to do with it, and she with her homework.  We talked about Ciaphus for a few minutes, and what she was learning in one of her classes. Just alittle different thinking that how we believe, which was why she questioned it.  She is learning about Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  I asked her the difference between them, she has a pretty good idea of what that is.  Such a fun girl getting her homework done during the games too.  I often forget how smart these kids are.  All 3 of them work at getting the homework done, no TV or video games until all this is done.  Better parents than I was for sure.

The view out the sliding glass door to the back yard is so spectacular.  Tall trees and Christmas trees are just steps away from the back door.  There is a fabulous tree with red berries all over it.  I want one of these in my yard.  So awesome!  The feel of the outdoors is breathtaking, which is why I think Josh and Robyn love living here so much, along with the hunting.  It snowed the day we arrived, so there is snow on the ground everywhere, just not deep yet.  Life is feeling relaxed for us which is good, we are needing it.




Monday, November 12, 2012

I Love Fall Journaling Tag Book

In my scrapbook room again, working on the reasons I love fall.  You know I have missed the last 2 falls while we were in Ethiopia.  So I have soaked every minute of fall in this year.  Our drives through the Uintahs has been so wonderful, and I love everything I see.  So this is my little book to celebrate how I feel about fall.
I created this cute journaling tag book all with Robin's Nest Products.

The book has 25 pages of the reasons I love fall. I used the Journaling tags from our product line, they look like this.
javascript:popupWindow(' journa.jpg')
I cut a package of each the teal and black journaling tags. Just did it one evening while I was watching tv. It didn't take long at all.
I then printed 3 sheets(each a different color) of numbers with large spaces between them so I could punch the numbers out in shapes.
I used our die cut chipboard leaves and the numbers and stapled them to each journaling card. I used a paper clip on each tag, and distressed each number punchout.
I then used a $1.00 leaf stamp I bought at JoAnns. I stamped the leaves in different places on the journaling tags, not all the stamp has to show on the tag, just enough to give it the feel.
These are just some random pages of the book, with stamped leaves, a pumpkin on this one, and a bird stamp.
Here is a close up of the leaf, punched number, and leaf stamped on the number tag.
Last of all, I used the Robin's Nest fall rub-on for my last page of my book.
Journaling is easy and fun with these journaling tags.
What are your ideas for these journaling tags? I'd love to hear!!! Share them with me.
This is just a different take on the book, journaling throughout it, and fun to leave on the table for all to read.
Have a great day! Hope you love Fall too.
You can find our fall products under NEW ENGLAND on the Robin's Nest website.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar

Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar

This project has been so fun!  I've wanted to do this for many years, but have never had an excuse to make an advent calendar.  When we were in Germany last November, we spent several days at the Christmas Markets, and they had so many advent calendars to choose from.  There were advent calendars in of any Christmas shape you could think of, hanging in all the stores in so many different ways.  So, this was my inspiration!  Christmas stocking is my shape.
I used 24 different Robin's Nest papers or cardstock sheets, so each stocking is a different paper, I will list these at the bottom of this post, I also wanted the stockings to be in red and brown tones.  So as a result, I didn't just use Christmas papers, I used any paper in those colors.  I added Dew drops, Tear drops, and Diamond drops to the stockings for the incredible look they have.  Such a cute project, and quite easy to make.  The most time consuming part of the project was sewing each stocking together, but to save time glueing would work also.  The dew drops are adhered with Helmar glue. which we love for sure.  At the top of each stocking is the number and next to the stocking is holly created with 3 red mini dew drops and 2 green diamond drops.  Each stocking is decorated with dew drops and has its own design.

I love the look of the holly berries and leaves made out of dew drops and diamond drops.
Hanging against the brown wall is so nice.  I hung the stocking with 2 ribbons, a 2" brown and red stripe, and a 1" red sheet ribbon with a gold edge. Then I tied each stocking to the swag with natural twine.  The top of each stocking has a red glitter ribbon loop to tie the twine to.

Up close and pretty, each stocking is decorated differently.
Pointsetta flower is easy to create using 6 tear drops and a yellow mini dew drop for the center.  Green diamond drops for the leaves.  So  cute!

Numbers were cut from the cricut, the oval punch shape behind the number is McGill pumch.

Dew drops in swirl shapes are easy to create with the glue bottle, draw with the bottle tip and slide the dew drops on the glue line.

Love the animal prints with the Christmas reds.  So cute.

Finished project sign.  Sign is wood frame from Wood Connections, covered with Glitter Red Paisley, and the mat covered with Brown glitter Leopard cardstock, then just a sign printed from my computer.

Here are scans of the stockings up close.

 Ok, so when I scaned these in I had the numbers backwards!!! So crazy,.  But you get the jest of it.  I so love how the dew drops and diamond drops look, and the different ideas we can used to make them so cute on these stockings.  These ideas would work just as well on a card or a scrapbook page.

Robin's Nest products used in this project.

Papers or Cardstock
Valentine Stripe
Glitter Lips
Glitter Red Paisley
Glitter Valentine
Tropical Voyage
Glitter Mocha Daisy
Italian Arch
Glitter Mocha Trail
Glitter Flame Swirl
Red Snowflake
Red Lion
Glitter Red Stripe
Glitter Red Sorbet
Red Plaid
Classic Glitter Swirl Coffee
Honeycomb Fleur
Gltter Red Rope

Dew Drops, Diamond Drops, and Tear Drops
Forbidden Love
Cherry Chocolate

Thanks for visiting me on Robin's Creations of Joy.  It has been a pleasure to share with you.  Hope you are able to be HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

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Page inspriation for Saltzburg

Hello Friends!
This layout comes from
I used this layout as my inspriation for my Saltzburg layout, using the alot of same papers and  elements of the layout. 
Come visit and see the great page layout kits on this website.

I added flowers, fabric, and dew drops to complete the page inspriation.