Friday, November 16, 2012

Visiting Josh and Robyn in Alaska

Hello all,

We are in Wasilla, Alaska for the next few weeks, and for Thanksgiving with Josh and Robyn and thier family.  Long day getting up here, but the view is so beautiful here especially in the snow.  It is a bit cold, I sit here writing this wearing my long johns, my wool sweater, socks, and a scarf around my neck!  Ok, so Dana is just wearing a sweater and a jacket when we go out.  So if he puts anything extra on it is cold, I'm just colder.

We went to 2 basketball games last night, the last of the games for Gabe and Luke for this years season.  They were so cute out there, both the smallest on the team, arms up to block the ball, wasn't doing much good with the tall boys, but they are great sports and love running up and down the court to engage with the ball.  This evening was fun with them, and the night air even colder with the wind blowing.  Mmmmm, very glad we live in Utah weather, not that it is much warmer, but it is somewhat warmer.

Ali and I worked together at the kitchen table, I with a scrapbook page that sat on the floor of my scrapbook room for 5 months, I can't figure out what to do with it, and she with her homework.  We talked about Ciaphus for a few minutes, and what she was learning in one of her classes. Just alittle different thinking that how we believe, which was why she questioned it.  She is learning about Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  I asked her the difference between them, she has a pretty good idea of what that is.  Such a fun girl getting her homework done during the games too.  I often forget how smart these kids are.  All 3 of them work at getting the homework done, no TV or video games until all this is done.  Better parents than I was for sure.

The view out the sliding glass door to the back yard is so spectacular.  Tall trees and Christmas trees are just steps away from the back door.  There is a fabulous tree with red berries all over it.  I want one of these in my yard.  So awesome!  The feel of the outdoors is breathtaking, which is why I think Josh and Robyn love living here so much, along with the hunting.  It snowed the day we arrived, so there is snow on the ground everywhere, just not deep yet.  Life is feeling relaxed for us which is good, we are needing it.




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Robyn said...

I wish you could have seen that tree when you could barely see the branches for the red berries! I planted 3 more out front because I love them so much...they have these beautiful little white flowers that cover them in the spring! Love having you guys here!