Friday, June 21, 2013

Talevera Pottery

When we go to Mexico, I always purchase a piece of Talevera pottery.  It is just so beautiful, and has it's own distinct look.  The first time I was introduced to it we were in Chiapas, Mexico, and everyone ranted over it.  I bought a plate and a urn, and never thought about it again for many, many years.

Then as we started traveling more, I started seeing it again in some of the little shops in Mexico.  It of course was much more expensive, and 15 years later, I guess it would be.

This month, I have set the island with my Talevera Pottery.  I always set the island seats with something that fits the season, or just what I happen to have and love at the moment.  This month is Mexico.  It reminds me of vacations, and that is what summer feels like to me, Vacationing.  Not that I am vacationing. In fact, just working, and working, and working around the house, and we spent the last week making the Guest house somewhat live-able for Jake and his family to live in while they wait for their loan to get approved on their house.

We also have one of our rentals open, and need to do some updating on it, which will take up the next week.  Wish me luck!!!

But as I enter the kitchen during the day, I feel the relaxation of Mexico, and our good vacations there, as I see this beautiful pottery set in place settings.
Doesn't it feel festive?  We purchased the placemats in Guatemala just this year.  

The palm tree is my napkin ring, but it was so cute, I decided it really didn't even need a napkin in it.

These are artificial peonies, but the tablecloth I purchased on one of our trips to Mexico.



Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today was strawberry picking day.  It was the third time I have gotten out there and picked.  First time, I picked 2 cereal bowls, then the second picking was one of these bowls full, and today, 2 bowls full!  So awesome.  

When we arrived home from out mission a year and a half ago, all the strawberries and raspberries we had left were all dead and gone, so we started over with 50 plants last year.  And this is our first year of picking. So Fun!!!

Yum for sure.



Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Peonies are in bloom!

Sunday mornings are my relax time.  Time to read, time to reflect, time to enjoy life in general.  Usually in the summer it is customary for me, still dawned in my pajamas, to walk the yard, talk to the flowers (just plants in the spring), and take photos, and cut flowers to fill vases in the house.

I remember a teacher in my Jr High days, we lived in California, say that one of her dreams was to have vases full of fresh flowers set about her house all year long.  Well, she may have said it in a different way, but that is what I remember.

It impressed me so much, flowers in vases, in all of the house?  As time traveled on, and I became a wife, and mother, I started to really LOVE flowers in my yard.  I love to plant, I love to weed, I love to talk to the flowers, I just simply love this part of life.  Why can't I have flowers in my home, that I grew?  Well, it has taken many years in this alkaline soil, in Vernal, Utah, to get the flowers to grow, have enough to cut and put in vases throughout the house, and have them still live through the sometimes 40 below winters to want to grow back again the next year.  I have lost thousands of plants, but my love for the flower garden is still a huge part of my life, so I still continue to plant, water, talk, weed, and replant.

This spring the tulips were outstanding.  I will post those photo soon.  But right now the peonies are in full bloom, and absolutely gorgeous.  I wondered a few days ago, when the wind was blowing so hard, tree limbs were breaking off of our trees established for 25 years, if the petals on these peonies would survive the week so I could take pictures of them and share.  Well, they did, petals and all, the peonies are still in gorgeous form.  I love them!

I love the colors of these.
One of my personal favorite colors, pale pink
This is the first year of the white peony, and so far this is the only bloom.
My garden angel with the white peony, She has been part of my garden for over 12 years,  you know I love angels.  I have 2 daughters that are heavenly angels,  I so miss them.
Combination of pale pinks and fuchsias
Clusters of the peonies, there are so many of them, aren't they beautiful!
Up close and personal
Birdbath in a different garden, the tall white flowers, I'm not sure what they are called, someone could let me know, but they only bloom right now, then are gone.
The front flower bed with all the blooms today, the iris' are done blooming, and the columbine are now in full bloom.  I so love how this looks, it has taken years to get this look in the front.
Cut peonies in a pitcher next to my queen Robin I found in a small shop in Germany.
Up close of the flowers in the pitcher.
Queen Robin and peonies.  I love white dishes, so I have a collection of white pitchers.  I want to fill them all!  Maybe next year.

I just read a few pages from a book by Emily Tolley, an herbalist, on things to do with these flowers. I think I will try drying some of them this year, I will let you know how this turns out.  I love my garden, will show you more photos soon.

So for now, enjoy my peonies!

Ciao and Hugs,


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Now that my mom is gone, we have been visiting dad more often.  He tells us stories I have never heard before, and I love  all of this.  Today he seems so tired, and exhausted.  I wonder if he tires of me coming so often.  I hope not.  There are some really fun times with him.
We sat and listened to his stories last night.  His adventures he is taking right now with his own business opportunities, and with his friends.  I wonder if mom went first so we have the chance to get to know him better.  Not sure, but I love my dad more and more every day.
He is a wonderful man, and a great friend.  It seems sometimes that we don't appreciate things as much as we should, and I have to admit, my dad is one of those things in my life that I just haven't appreciated enough.  He touches my heart, and I love to spend time with him.
I also more than anything while we are with him, love to watch how Dana loves him and helps him.  Just writing this brings tears to my eyes thinking about them together, talking, and looking at things.  It is so nice to know that my dad loves the man that brings such great joy to my life.  I love to see them together.
Dad went with us to Colorado, so 7 hours in the car one way, is a long time, but we just talked about anything, and mostly Dana and Dad talked.  I love to hear them talk about the gospel, and the teachings of the Savior.  It was Dad and Mom who listened to the missionaries and joined the Mormon Church, and that is who we are today, because of this willingness to listen.
So many times he tells us about things he and mom have done. I think today was one of those days that he was really missing her.  So glad we could spend a day with him so he wouldn't be that lonely.

Love you dad,


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last 3 weeks accomplishments

This summer has been an absolute joy so far.  I'm finally in the catch up mode, and there is lots to do around our house for sure.  I started a list of the things I am getting done.  The list started on May 20th.  So here is the list.

Painted park bench in side flower garden
Stained wine barrels
Painted edge of back deck
Stained garden table
Washed and stained balcony off master bedroom
Painted French doors off family room and master bedroom,
Finished laying bark in side flower garden and around apple tree
Weeded 4 very large flower beds
Spread diazinon on several areas of the yard, many times now
Painted outside rocking chair
Brought out garden furniture/ Dana helped
Painted the face birdhouse
Replanted pots in green house
Sprayed dandelions
Painted black outdoor kitchen chairs
Scrubbed the grill
Sprayed miracle grow
Moved window boxes out of green house
Moved all large pots out off greenhouse to yard and decks
Planted 12 other outside pots with flowers from greenhouse
Scrubbed and shined copper roof over bay window
Washed all windows inside and out
Replanted greenhouse again/ lettuce and cabbages
Stained front porch after Dana power washed it
Made America scrapbook, and posted 5 posts on Robin's Nest blog
Painted and stained all shudders on house
Painted metal rocking chairs and sewed new pads
Painted the base for the front outdoor table

And of course just the normal everyday stuff like laundry, cooking, cleaning the house.  I'm exhausted every night when I retire to bed.  Then I just want to veg and not even think.  Did I mention that I read for a half hour every morning and do a Spanish lesson for 40 minutes  every day.  Well, I will post some photos of these chores.  I guess I will start a new list next week.  Off to Salt Lake to teach a class.  A mini America book, still have to get all the pages ready for my ladies.

 Copper roof, it needs one more wash to even things out, but love how it looks.

 Some blooms from the front flower bed
Park bench and wine barrels
Well, just a few of the photos of the finished projects.  Shudders, painted chairs and table base, and stained deck, window boxes.  Love it.

Ciao and hugs,


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recycled Frames

Recycled Frames

Hello Robin's Nest Readers,

Robin here.  I have been cleaning out cupboards, closets, and even under the stairs!  In all of this, I am finding all sorts of things I have hidden away for another day.  So today I am showing you some frames that I have recycled out of my "stash" of things that don't match my decor anymore.

 Here are my old frames.
 I have painted the edges of them, the large one in black and the small one in rust.  Seriously, my black was all gone and it is a miracle I was able to paint this much with the dot of paint I had!
I know this picture is blurry, but the only one I took, bad omen.  I traced the frames on my paper and glued the paper to the frames. I used Black and White Zebra Glitter Cardstock, and Discovery Girl Cardstock.
 I cut flowers from the glitter roses cardstock
 Then I cut a spiral around one of the roses.  The other roses I sprayed with water and crunched them in my hand technique I showed on the little girl layout last month.
 I wrapped the layers close to the center and stapled in one spot. This is the back side.
This is the front side, it makes the flower in a cup shape.
 I then glued the flowers to the frame, I added book page leaves, and a glitter yellow bird punched from Glitter yellow chipboard.  Yellow dew drops were glued in a cluster on the cup shaped rose.
I added short pieces of yellow Rumple Ribbon from LoveBug Creations.

The small frame, I punched small circles from the Glitter Discovery Girl Cardstock, and covered them with 3D Crystal Lacquer from Sakura. 
 I glued these on to my frame with ribbon from May Arts.  I also used a flower cut from the New Girl baby line, then on top of the flower I glued my medallion.
 This medallion is made from a circle punched from the Glitter Brown Chipboard, then layered on top of the circle are pink tear drops in a circle, and on top of the tear drops is the circle punched and covered in crystal lacquer.  I also cut a square and glued it into a metal tag and covered it with crystal lacquer and tied it with silver metallic string.
Voala,  the frames recycled and updated to fit today's decor.  I also realized as I was working on these frames, the picture of our 3 girls in the 5x7 is the only nice picture I have of them together.  Our middle daughter Naomi passed away when she was 18.  So as I was working on this project, it brought back many memories, I can remember this very day the picture was taken.  I had found a photo in the Victoria Magazine of 3 young girls, and fell in love with the idea of the formality of their dresses, and how they looked at each other instead of the camera.  Love this photo, and our girls.  It has been a fun day.

Ciao and Hugs to you all,