Thursday, December 25, 2014

Recycled Lamp

something for the home.

I have had this lamp for a very long time
and I love it, but it is getting very 
dated, and so I decided to upcycle it.

So I decided to make it match the guest 
house that we are working on this summer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home Crafted Dress Hangers

Hello Everyone!

Creative juices are flowing as I work on some very fun projects.
Today I am sharing hangers that are fairly
simple to work on, and such a fun way to add
character to some very special dresses.

I started out with a wooden hanger in this shape, and covered it with
Pink Classic Glitter Swirl CS.
I just used regular glue to glue the paper to the wood.

Then I added dew drops and tear drops.

I decided to create a rose bud and leaves shape with
the dew drops and leaves with tear drops.
I used pink 6mm dew drops and yellow tear drops.

I then glued on a ruffle of lace to the bottom edge of the hanger.

This was just too easy and quite fun, so I decided to make a few more
hangers.  While we were in Ethiopia on our humanitarian mission
we bought traditional Ethiopian dresses for our
grand daughters, so I decided to make a hanger for each 
of the 3 dresses we bought.

On this hanger I decided to use yellow as a contrast to the red
in the dress, and make lady bugs from red tear drops.
I used yellow fleur linen cs (retired)
to cover the hanger.
I then made lady bugs using just a black sharpie on the
red tear drop.  Like this.

Here is the finished hanger with lady bugs crawling on the edge,
and on the front. I also added bright yellow 4mm dew drops on the hanger.

The third hanger is just simple and easy.

I covered the hanger in Spa Glitter Swirl.
I just made flowers and leaves with orange and green tear drops.
and a center to the flower in light green 4mm dew drops.
I love the little half flower on the ends.

Here are all three hangers together and finished.

And the dresses on the hangers.

What fun this was, and I was done in just around an hour!

Have a great day!

To find the dew drops and tear drops 



Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Medallion

on this Thanksgiving Weekend.

We are on the Robin's Nest Christmas Blog Hop.

So I am using the Black and White Christmas line
for my Medallion today.

I started with the Snow Covered Trees CS
I comes in glittered or non glittered

Snow Covered Trees Cardstock

Cut the cardstock into 4 6x6 pieces.
Then I made a cone and stapled this in the back.

To look like this.
I then dipped the open pointed edge into gorilla glue.
It was the only glue my dad had at his house.

I wasn't sure about it, but wanted to get the project done,
so used it.  But.... I got this clumpy look from the gorilla glue that
I would not have gotten from just elmers glue.

Then I stapled two together like this.

Then the whole circle together.

I cut 3 circles from 3 cardstocks.
Red Classic Swirl Glitter Cardstock
Red Glitter Classic Swirl CS
Snow Covered Trees Cardstock
Snow Covered Trees CS
Gold Glitter Chipboard
gold glitter chipboard comes in 6x6

I cut a rosette on my Cricut from

White on White Classic Glitter Swirl Cardstock
White Glitter Classic Swirl 
and glued it onto the Gold Glitter chipboard.

Christmas Words Glitter Cardstock
Then on the top I cut "Peace on Earth" from the
Christmas Words Glitter CS
I glued it on like a ribbon.

On the outside edge of the Red Classic Swirl
I glued Red Metallic Dew Drops.

Then I glued Red Tear Drops around the edge of the 
Gold Glitter Chipbard.

Around the Snowy Covered Trees I glued
White Diamond Drops

Then on each of the cones I glued one
Red Metallic Dew Drop

I am thinking that I will put this
on the top of Dad's Christmas tree.

He gave away all the Christmas stuff that mom had collected
over the years to family members.
I will later show our "newly decorated tree"
It will be fun, and this year my
goal is to bring Christ into our Christmas a little more.

Happy decorating this week-end!
This only took me one evening, and the night to dry,
then staple it all together.

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Heirloom Clock with Watches

Hello Everyone,
It's Wednesday Again!

Wednesdays seem to come by faster and faster.
I have been thinking, and collecting for this
project for the last few months.
When we went through my mother's
jewelry there was a stack of watches that no one
claimed.  I saw a cute idea on Pintrest
with watches glued to the glass of a clock.

I've been thinking, how can I do this.  
I first asked my Dad if anyone claimed those watches,
of Moms? No one had, so I went and gathered them up, 
and counted, eight.  Not quite enough.  I then
told Dad what I was going to do with them
and I thought I might have a few of my own.
He went into his bedroom and a few minutes later
handed me a pile of his old watches!

I certainly now had 12! plus a few!
So the project can begin.

Well here is phase 2 of my Watch Clock project.

I will show you a few steps of how I arrived to here.

The original clock.
I had 3 left from my store, no
one liked them I guess, so I ended up
with 3.  I looked for a cheap clock at 
a second had store, and thought, why am I buying
a clock, I have 2 left of these!

I chose my paper, the
new writing paper from our 
wedding line.  

I traced around the clock
and had to use 3 pieces of the paper
to cover the entire edge of the clock.

I then wanted to distress the 
paper and give it a well worn look,
as though it has been hanging on our walls 
for longer than I am old.
 I used Black paint and Pinata grey Color Paint
to achieve this look.  I tried a brown also, but
decided against using the brown.  So I splattered the
black and grey with a small paint brush to achieve the affect
of distress below.  I also painted the edge of the
clock with black.

On the clock face, I wanted a black and white/cream affect.
I was wanting to put this clock in our guest house, and
these are the colors of the guest house.

I used French Vanilla Glitter Fleur Linen CS,
I cut the glittered shapes out and glued them to the inside
of the clock face.
Black Glitter Chipboard (large bird and fleur de lys)
Black Glitter Letters (time)
Wedding Writing Cardstock

I just used the original face with the roman numerals
and then glued on top of it.  This was also
flecked with black and grey paint.
The grey paint flecks make a great difference
in the look of the clock.  It give the aged
dimension that I was really looking for.

I then took apart the watches,
all the watch bands came off, and glued them
onto the outside of the clock area with E6000.

Every other watch is Mom's then Dad's.

I love this watch,  it was the watch my dad wore when I was a young
girl.  It is probably the one I remember the most out of all
of the watches on the clock.  It is scratched and worn, and 
I just so love that I have it to see everyday!

Of course, no project is complete without dew drops!
I tried all different ways of putting them on here,
in a circle, around the edge, inside the clock, but this is what
I finally liked the best.  Just a scattering of 
brown 6mm and tan 4mm dew drops.

Whala,  I am now done!

The finished Clock!
I am loving it so much, I think it isn't going
out in the guest house, 
it needs to stay in the house.
The Kitchen!
so I can see it every day more than one time a day,
often!  Great Memories!

You can find the papers and dew drops on 
our website

Until nest week!



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tyson's Layout

 on this beautiful 
Wednesday morning.

I have been frantically getting projects done this week
so I can pre post Wednesdays for the next month.
We have a brother in law who is on his last days of life as 
I write, he has pancreatic cancer, we are just
waiting for the call that he has passed, and we will be on our
way to be with Dana's sister.
Update, Mark Passed away on August 19, 2014
Then we will be off to Brazil in September for 
the Humanitarian work that we do.

So I am ready to start the first Wednesday post.
Even as I write, I am so melancholy, so please forgive me.

Today I am sharing a layout I did with one of Jeremiah and Tara's sons.
I think that I am blue, blue, blue,
and most of my posts for the next month are Blue!!!!

I am so excited about this layout.
It is so hard to find really cute boy layouts and 
ideas.  As I have worked over the last few days,
I was just having a blast, going through the product line
of The Robin's Nest and finding things I can use on a boy layout.

I have to say, that I am partial to a few of the printed papers, 
and you will see some of them used often.

Belgian Chocolate is one of my fav's.
Here I have used it unglittered.
I comes glittered too, and I use it both ways,
but this is a little boys page and I decided to use it in it's plain form.

I also used the new Airplane Cardstock
and the back side of Rocking Horse Specialty Paper.

Products used:
Red Glitter Letters
England Stickers
Boy Rub ons
Large dew drops\
lime green 6mm dew drops
brown dew drops
Clock Rub on
Stamp Sticker
Boys Plaid Paper




Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finding the Quiet Center of life Layout

Robin here, it's Wednesday!

I decided to work on a page that I had started many moons
ago.  It sits in my pile of half finished pages,
waiting for me to come up with a really cool idea to make
the page look like the dream that some how
lies in my mind.

This is what I started with.
Bee's Blues Linen CS
Sea Floral Linen CS
The photo of the bike if framed in 
matching blue and yellow cs.

I then pulled out the dew drops and went to work!

And here I am.

I love the combination of these papers.
The blue's and yellowy golds just look so great together.

I put all sorts of colors of dew drops on here,
and just struggled to get the right look,
until I put brown originals and ochre colored 
diamonds on the papers.

I just used a EK Success glue pen and drew
swirls on the page, then slid the dew drops on the glue.
I put diamonds along the way, and added a few
makeshift flowers with brown 6mm dew drops and diamonds.

Such a fun addition to my page, and now it can be put away with 
finished pages now.

Have a great Wednesday!



Sunday, November 9, 2014

Brotherly Love Scrapbook Page

Robin here on my favorite day

Still on my blue posts!

And is this one ever fun!

As I have mentioned before, I really like the
Belgian Chocolate Cardstock,
This one I have used is glittered.
I also used Glitter Boy Star CS along the edges, top and bottom
of the layout.

The flags are made from our boy and baby boy line.
Airplane Cardstock
Rocking Horse Specialty Paper
Daisy/stripe linen CS
Glitter Blue Classic Swirl
Orange Mini Dew drops

Such a fun boy layout, and
such cute boys!!!!

Have a great Wednesday!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Pennant Banner

Today I am sharing with you the fireplace at my Dad's house.
Dana and I are staying with my dad right now, 
he is in his 80's and needs some company, and help,
so we spend alot of our extra time at his house.

Last year Rachel was part of a group who shared their scrapbook
talents.  They made banners, books, and journaling tags.
She gave me the letters to the words Be Thankful,
each person on the trade made one letter, so each letter is 
I wanted to pull them all together to make a banner.

Here is what I finished just this week.

The fireplace has a beautiful cement surround,
I added the bunting banner, with each letter adhered to
its own bunting flag.
These were made from Brown Chipboard and
Honeycomb daisy/stripe.
One of my favorite colors,
I maybe should have chosen a brighter orange
color for the bunting flags, but
alas, it is to late for that!

Here they are cut out. 
I used my cricut to cut these out.

This is how Rachel gave them to me.
She did the "F", She used the Leaf glitter CS,
Brown and Red Glitter Chipboard leaves
and orange dew drops.

Here is a close up of the bunting hanging in front of the fireplace.

Again the hanging effect.
The autumn trees framed picture I painted
 years ago.  It's a watercolor.

It is such a fun look. 
I put a eyelet in each top corner of the bunting
and used gold ribbon to thread them together.
On the ends is just the brown chipboard.

This is fun way to get your candles to be on different levels.
I used goblets to sit them on,
I also added my home grown white pumpkins.
I was only successful in growing 2 orange mini pumpkins.

These are Rachel's pumpkins she grew in her garden.
The orange and large white one.
So cute here!

I am totally in love with princess pumpkins.
That was what I grew last year, but alas, none this
year I had to purchase this one.

 Here are close ups of all the letters.
I distressed each bunting with brown ink.

And now again, the
finished fireplace.

This is such a fun way to celebrate

Have a great week!

You can purchase these papers on our website.