Monday, June 30, 2014

Military Photo Box for our Sons Part 1

Hi to all,
Robin here, for another fun Wednesday
Post.  I have been making a book about our sons
who serve in the Military.

I have been thinking about this box for a long time.
Saved it from years ago when we had a retail store, it was
a box that a frame came in, but didn't get used.

Here is the original box.

I looks pretty cute just the way it is,
but I wanted  to put my own twist to the box
and specialize it to represent our sons
who serve in the Army.

 Here is my new box.
I wanted to show our love of Country 
on the box, and still represent our sons.

Then I added lots of elements to the box to represent the USA,
the Army, our Name, and what we believe.

I so love the Statue of Liberty paper, because you can
use it in so many different ways.  Here I have made one of the
rectangles into a tag, then added other elements on top.
Red Stars die cut from Red Glitter Chipboard.
The small flag is a pin that I found in my mother's jewelry box.

The Silver Star is from one of our son's uniforms, 
The name embroidered O'Crowley is what is actually on each
of their uniforms they wear everyday.
The mini flag, just an old cloth flag from many years ago.
The words from the Declaration of Independence (retired Robin's Nest)

I used the brown and beige colors because they are
the colors they wear everyday to work. 
Star made from Blue diamond drops.

Here the box is open with 
the first page sitting on top inside the box.
These are our sons,
all serving in the Military as I write.
Next week, I will share with you
the pages inside my box.
My Tribute to our sons.

Watch for part 2 next week!

May all of you as we celebrate our Nations
birth find peace and joy and happiness.
We are able to celebrate the 4th because of 
soldiers like our sons, who served our Nation many
years ago, and today we are able to celebrate
because of the thousands of men who serve our country
every day.

A mother could not be more proud.

Happy Independence Day!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

South Africa

Good Morning!
From South Africa

Dana and I have been in South Africa for over a week
now.  We currently serve for our church
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
as missionaries for the Welfare/Humanitairian Department.

Dana and I served for 2 years in Ethiopia 
as Country Directors, for the Church's NGO 
Latter Day Saint Charities while we were there for 
2 years.  We did everything from financials,
Paperwork, and finding and implementing projects there.

After we came come in Dec of 2011, 
We were called to serve as technical specialists
for the Food Production Programs throughout the world.

We are on our 3 rd year doing this, 
our first assignment was in Arizona and New Mexico 
working on projects with the Native American People.

Over the last 2 years we have been to
Projects in the US, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico.
This is our first assignment back to Africa. 

This trip we have traveled to the Durban area
And met with a partner Enterprise Ilembe, who does 
Garden projects with local people, they 
Have are formed into coops
And they grow vegetables for the school food
Program implemented by Nelson Mandela for the
Children in South Africa for better nutrition.

This was an awesome visit, 
We see that the women are the workers and the 
Important part of keeping the gardens watered, weeded, and 
Harvested.  Every garden we visited the women's were
Going down to the nearest creek or water hole, fill their buckets
With water, and haul it up the hill to their plants.
Most of their day is spent doing this,
We are hoping that we can bring water closer to them,
By purchasing pumps, pipe, and sprinklers so they can spend
More time in caring for their plants, keeping the weeds down
Have better productivity, and become self reliant.
So they can purchase all they need on their own with out
Any assistance.

So this has been a very productive trip.
We are still waiting for the financial 
Figure from the partner, how much will it cost to
Supply the things needed, listed by the garden group,
We plan to help 7 coop groups there.

Tomorrow we leave for Madagascar, 
It is our assignment to go and see 2 food 
Projects already in process and write up a report on 
How they are doing.

We are excited to do this work!