Thursday, February 26, 2015

16 Candles Layout


It's Wednesday!  Robin Here.

I just realized as I logged into write this post,
today is my grand daughters Birthday, Becca Ann
not Chelsea, but what a great day to share this
birthday page layout!

(It's also my anniversary 40 years for us today!)

Chelsea at 16!
What a great picture that Rachel took!
Chelsea is now almost 20 now, so I am a few years behind in
scrapbooking this photo, but
it has been set a side for a while because I wanted 
to use 16 candles!

Her expression is priceless.
And I wanted to capture it in a fun way.
She and Rachel love bright colors, so I wanted
to use bright colors instead of girly colors.
These candles show that great brightness
of the glitter chipboard used on the
candle paper clips 16 of them!

Here at the top of the layout, I have used
the same solid color card stock as I did for my
cake below.  I just tore it, then added
velvet ribbon (Robin's Nest) to the top,
I love that the ribbon is cut uneven.
I also used a large clear dew drop, and aqua 
6mm dew drops.

Here is another shot of my cake and candle paper clips.

I used a green glitter chipboard butterfly from the 
butterfly chipboard packet, and blue diamond drops
for the body of the butterfly.

Such a fun way to capture a very special age and birthday.

Products used:
Flame Swirl Cardstock
Candle Paper Clips
Glitter Butterfly Chipboard Die Cuts
Large dew drops
Aqua 6mm dew drops
Blue Diamond drops
Brick velvet ribbon

You can find these fun products on our website

Have a great day!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Family Photos

Hello Readers,

It's so fun to come together and share fun pages using 
the Robin's Nest product lines.

I sometimes wonder when I am creating my pages did I really
intend for this paper to be used this way, or what other ways and
with what other products can I use this paper.

Today is just one of those days.
I have used in the first layout the lodge line with
the family tree rub on, and the regency sticker.

The page just pulls family together so well!

Forest Trees Specialty PaperWrap Glitter Cardstock
I used the back side of the trees paper for the background of this layout.
Family Rub-OnRegency Sticker
These sizes are a little bit deceiving, since the sticker is much larger than the rub on,

This layout is with our daughters by birth and by marriage.
I had intended this paper for babies and children, but the
combo of the papers, and glitter just were perfect for this photo.

We aren't dressed in very pastel colors, but the pastel
look of the paper brings such femininity to the page.

I cut the accents from the same paper, just using the back side. 

Sorry about the bottom edge, it came through on the scanner.

Peach Glitter CardstockDiscovery Girl Glitter Cardstock

Other elements for this page come from Gina's Designs.

I so love her work.

You can find these products on our Robin's Nest
web page.
just tap on the link and it will take you there!



Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Gift for Ally


So when I came across the idea again,
I thought, wow, how cute.
I need to share it on the blog.

This cute book is created with a folder 
you can purchase at school time, during
all the school sales.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lucas, So Irish

Hello Robin's Nest Readers,
Robin Posting today.

I wanted to share this fun layout of Lucas, our grandson.

Lucas is Irish to the bone.
He loves his leather vest his father made many years ago.
I think that our last name O'Crowley could not be
any more Irish, than Irish.

All these Irish grandkids have great personalities
and each has so much Irish in the blood it sometimes scares me!

Lucas makes his own knives in his fathers knife shop.
The big armor pieces he carries in his hands are made by
his father.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree here for sure.

I used the Lodge line with these photos.
The Saffron Cards, green shades of dew drops.

These last 2 pages are just for fun,
I used retired Robin's Nest papers and current chipboard and 
stickers.  It was just so fun to create these signs with
the boys.  One of our fun projects we did while we visited Alaska.

This is all for now.

Have a great Wednesday, and
you can find these products on our website.
Under the Lodge collection



Sunday, February 8, 2015


Just another fun post about our life here,
and how I decorate at every holiday in our home.

 In our kitchen there is a small dresser, credenza where I keep small
doo dads for decorating the kitchen and some dishes.
The top of the dresser is black marble, and it just makes the
dresser.  I always decorate it with something different,
for Valentines I hung a beautifully framed rose that came from
Germany.  My mother gave the print to me years ago.
We framed it and it has been one of my favorites ever,
but since I redecorated in different colors, it has been put away
and I pulled it out for this Valentines display.

The table is always set for the holiday.
This month is pink, red, and white.
I have been on a silver hunt, and here is a new 
old piece that the Love blocks are sitting on.

I have red plates and large pink bowls.
I wanted these bowls from the first day I saw them,
and bought clusters of them years ago
just a few bowls at a time, and now I have a complete set.

This isn't that great of a photo but you can see 
how the table looks with everything set.

Up close and personal.

 I used heart place mats, white chargers, red plates,
pink bowls, and silver goblets for the dessert.
2 goblets in red and pink.
I have had the tablecloth for ever, and I should have ironed it!
It is damask, and damask pink napkins.
It just turned out so very fun!

We had our Valentines dinner early,
Dana went to Colorado Springs for a few weeks.

Happy Valentines Day to you!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wedding Tag Mini Book

Rachel asked me to create a tag that 
could be used as an idea for a book and could
also be used for an idea for a card!


Well, here is what I came up with.

Here is my tag, which is actually the shape of
the book.  So it is about 5 1/2 inches long.
I used the new Wedding Line, and the Classified Line.
Black with gold glitter Paisley CS
Wedding Cut out Packet
Wedding Writing/cutouts CS
Black Glitter Dot CS
Black with gold Glitter Fleur de lys
Gold and Pearl dew drops

Here is a close up of the cover of the book.
I used my favorite picture of my Mom and Dad's Wedding photos.

Gold and Pearl Dew drops make the book pop.

Elements from the Wedding Cut out Packet.
And a Large clear dew drop.

The Surprize is the opening of the card.  It is made of
Glitter White Swirl CS.
With a black journaling tag inside, and a cut out from 
the Wedding Writing/Cut out CS.

Here I have fanned out the pages of the book.
Each page has a cut out, and a black glitter journaling 
tag on it.  You can write many memories of 
your favorite things at the wedding,
or after many years you can write how you feel
about your spouse, hopefully good things!

This tag/book/card idea can be used with any of 
our product lines, school, beach, princess, boy.  There
is no limit to what you can create
with this fun idea.



Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Mothers Day to Rachel

All of us at some time in our lives as 
need to be reminded of how cute our kids
were at one time.

I had a picture of my 5 older kids framed in my
bathroom for years.  They were all dressed in Navy Blue
Sailor suits and dresses.
It is one of my favorite pictures of the kids together.
Each morning when I went into the
bathroom and got ready for the day, I would look
at how cute they all were and smile.
Always brought a smile to my day.

Rachel is my only daughter right now who
is a mother. Years ago
she gave me a binder and a folder of pictures
for me to scrapbook for her.
On the front of the folder it said
"don't forget these pictures belong to Rachel"

I just found that folder about 3 months ago when I was cleaning out
some boxes, trying to get rid of stuff I no longer needed.
So, I scrapbooked the pictures, and sent them
back to her last month.
I also found a group of black and white pictures
I took of Chelsea at Easter time in this folder.
She was so cute then, and at the time
she was our only grandchild,
so we have a special bond because of this.

I took those black and white photos
of Chelsea and decided to make a mini book for 
Rachel as a Mother's Day gift.
This is her reminder of how cute Chelsea
was as a little girl, and to remind
her and me of all that extra love we shared with her.

Chelsea Book Cover