Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Egypt and Camel Rides

Hello Readers!

2 years ago we were able to stop in Egypt 
on our way back from Ethiopia.
This is another one of those bucket list items 
that I thought would ever happen in my life.

Just to stand in front of the Pyramids and try to fathom
their age, was insurmountable.

This is the first page of my album on our trip to Egypt.
It seems simple, and I intended it to be,
things there are very simple.

I used:
Brown Herringbone CS
Gold Glitter Paisley CS
Bird of Paradise Dew Drops
All other products are from our trip 
and purchased in Egypt.
The little beetle is a ceramic bead.

This is another just simple page.
The biggest feat of all is I am on a Camel!
This is something I'm sure my kids think,
My Mom did that!  
These days, I've done some crazy things on our 
trips, and they are starting to get used to this
non-athletic, reserved person doing some out of the 
ordinary things! 

I used a retired Palm Tree CS Sheet,
a book page distressed, and 
a swirl shape from Want 2 Scrap

This is probably my favorite picture.
It's fun because it is off set.
Probably happened while Dana was turned around
on his camel trying to get me in the photo.
But because it is off set, the sand behind shows,
and it makes the photo.

I used:
Palm Tree CS ( Retired)
Brown Glitter Letter Stickers
Ancient Map CS
Want 2 Scrap Swirl shape
Other products from my scrapbook stash.

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving,
We wish you the best from our home to yours
on this wonderful season.
We have so much to be thankful for,
we will be spending time with them this week,
and this week-end, love our kids,
and so happy they are all coming for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you All.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Pages Ornaments

I have always wanted to make some 
new ornaments for my 
Christmas Tree.
This blog hop challenge gives me the opportunity
to change my tree to this fun
black and white  book page look.

The first ornament I did is a Christmas tree.
I used a rosette die and cut out of Glitter Classic Swirl
card stock with this die,  I then folded it back and forth
glued the edges together
then slipped it over the top of the tree to sit
on the edge of each separate layer on the tree.
This really was easy and fast.
The star on the tree is from Robin's Nest 
Glitter Chipboard Shapes.
I used a book page for the tree trunk.

This ornament is a little more detailed.
I used book pages and mod podge to create the center round 
part of the ornament.  
I also made a rosette out of Glitter Classic Swirl White on White
and placed it on the front of the ornament.
Silver dew drops, white tear drops are 
top and bottom of the ornament.

Star ornament is again book pages
mod podged on the foam star
Glitter Classic Swirl CS White on White Rosette
Silver star and Large clear dew drop with
a Fleur from the Black Glitter Fleur CS.

I made the wreath ornament into a Clock.
I used the Clock CS, book page, Clear and Silver dew drops

Flat Star ornament 
I used book page mod podged on with
silver mod podge painted over it
White Glitter Classic Swirl CS Rosette
Silver Chipboard on top of that
And Clock Sticker from the Classified Sticker sheet

Here they all are, 
ready to hand on my Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmas to all


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Girls Dress up Day

This summer we spent some time taking
photos of all the grand children.

This group of layouts are from our first photo
shoot.  I probably will have other layouts
of the girls on other posts.

These photos made me feel like I might have an 
eye to see the best with the
kids I'm taking photos of.  This was so
much fun, and the girls had a blast as well.

We pulled out all sorts of fun clothes, jewelry, 
luggage, hats, gloves, and whatever I could think of 
that little girls like.

Spending time dressing up was the best part to watch,
as the girls would choose an outfit, then gloves, pearls,
and hats.  They of course each had a pair of sunglasses
thanks to Aunt Rachel.  They were
put to good use, and the girls almost never took them off.
Reminded me of Jackie Kennedy.
This is Becca Ann, the oldest of Jake and Britney's girls.

In this layout I used from The Robin's Nest::
Black Herringbone Cardstock
Brown Cardstock
Brown Dew drops
Clear Large dew drops

Partnering Companies Products:
Gold Glow Smooch Spritz, Clear Snap
Chipboard shapes - Gina's Designs

 Aliyah wanted this pink luggage in every
picture nearly we took.  She loved it!
Again, the sunglasses are apart of the choices she 
made in her dress up clothes.
We also had a little tea party before we 
started changing all the clothes.
It was so fun to see how cute they were
dressing up, changing this, trading with sisters,
just simply enjoying life.

Robin's Nest products used:
Glitter Celebration Swirl Cardstock (pink background, and swirl)
Glitter Girl Swirl Cardstock
Pink Glitter Leopard
Glitter Discovery Girl
Pink floral Vellum
Pink Glitter Chipboard
Black, Silver, and Clear Dew drops
Partnering Companies Products:
Chipboard Shapes - Gina's Designs
Border Punch - Tonic Studios

Kaydence is the youngest of the 3 girls.
Her pictures look like they came from a magazine.
For some reason, her dress flowed just perfect.
Again, the sunglasses, so important,
gloves, and a round suitcase.  Such a great photo.

Robin's Nest Products used on this page:
Glitter Silver Castles Card stock
Glitter Black Daisy Paper
Black Herringbone Card stock
Time Rub on
Red Cardstock
Red Glitter Letters

Partnering Companies Products:
Chipboard Shapes - Gina's Designs
Connie's Crystals
Not a partner but a wonderful gift to us, 
Made with Love - Washi tape 

Other products in these layouts are from my scrapbook stash.

I have had fun sharing with you these cute little girls,
some of photos from the photo shoot,
and I think I am getting a little better with the
camera!  These turned out so cute.

Until next week!



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lets Go! Fall!

It's Fall!!!!
Let's do Fall!
We have just come home from 6 weeks away.
4 of those weeks were in Mexico on a short mission.
We teach Self-Reliance, and help 
people learn how to become more Self-Reliant.

It has been so fun to come home to fall.
Each year, there is something new about fall that I love.
This year is the crisp cool air.
I walk outside and smell the coolness,
the freshness of the air.

I worked on a few projects to share with you.
First is a pumpkin patch.
Don't we all love a pumpkin patch, to walk through
it and select the perfect pumpkin?
Rachel and Us all grew our own pumpkins this year,
and admittedly, there are quite a few in our
patch, so they were spread around the flower pots
and window boxes.  
I love doing this, filling my window boxes with something
different in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

But for you, I made a mini pumpkin patch for my window.

This pumpkin patch is made on black cardstock
Glitter die cut pumpkins, brown cardstock, Ocher glitter dot,
and raffia for the leaves.
Just a cute sign Pumpkins for $1.00
completes the cute picture for my fall window.

Really, simple and easy, but yet
you really feel fall.
I love the texture of the raffia for the green
and dried stem on the pumpkins.

I'm loving the feel of fall so much.
I also made a stand up picture page 
on 2 8x8 pieces of canvas, 
they are put together with hinges between the 2 canvas'.

I used 3 actual photos from my extra photo stash.
One is the border on the right side.
I also used 
Honeycomb Fleur Linen Cardstock
for the background,
Yarn tied around the bottom of the left side,
and a few crystal leaves.
I think I will add some dew drops, 
and maybe some large leaves as well.

But for now, this will do in my kitchen.
Have a wonderful fall!!
Hope you love it as much as I do!

Hugs,    Robin

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Home Tour 2013

 Welcome to our Home.

Fall is simply my favorite season of the year!

This year we have spent most of the fall in Mexico, then
we were off to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a week, 
home for 4 days, 
then to Albuquerque, New Mexico for 3 days.

I did all of this decorating in one day, 
since home was so far away!

We are in Tooele, Utah right now 
waiting for a part for the truck, and then home.
Have been here for 3 days now.
I wonder if I will be home soon!  Hope that part comes today!

I am so ready to be home again.

We grew our own pumpkins this year, 
It really was fun, as we ended up with lots of
pumpkins and I was able to use them in the window boxes
and the planters around the front yard.

The flag with the yellow ribbon is for our son who at the time
of the photo, was in Afghanistan, he just returned home on Monday!
We have 3 sons in the Army,
this is our 6th tour for our 3 sons combined.
They all have returned home safely!

Each season I put new things in the house planter boxes.
I found these lemon scented herb trees in the spring,
but have saved them in the green house for this fall.
I wanted to add other winter squash to the window boxes,
but alas, there wasn't enough of me before we left for 
Mexico, so only kale and mums were added.

Our front door wreath is old from many years ago.
This year I just added the feathers, which 
look a bit wild!
I need a little more orange in it for sure.

This is our back door, coming into the house from 
the driveway.  The leaves are falling and it looks so
beautiful, I stacked some of the pumpkins, as we just have
so many of them!

Here is the side of our house
each planter stacked with pumpkins.
These large dark orange pumpkins are 
princess pumpkins planted from seeds we saved 
from last year.

As you come in our back door, it opens in to our family room.
I took off the American Flag covers from the pillows.
They lasted a long time, I was sad to say good bye to them.
We have a wonderful wood stove that Dana hand built 
in the early years of our marriage.  In this home
he has built a European looking fireplace top and mantle
that I absolutely love.
Here I have placed 3 white pots and added white 
pumpkins to them.  These pots have come from the many
cupboards of beautiful things from my mother
who passed away this year.

On the table is a bowl of glass colored pumpkins.

And on top of the wood stove is a watercolor painting of fall
trees I did many years ago.  It is one of my
favorite things to bring out in the fall.

The bathroom off the family room, which I just painted this
ochre yellow, sports a fall towel and potato soaps.

Again another find from my mom's cupboards is this pumpkin
I'm sure she bought at Hallmark when I was a child.
It brings comfort time to me when I see it.

Welcome to our Kitchen.
There is a big island in the kitchen
and each season I change the place settings.

For years I have had these felt leaf place mats.
I layered them with 2 plates, a fall 
cloth napkin, a mini felt leaf, with a hand made goblet,
 and more white pumpkins.

I love how this feels,
I also love to bring out the big turkey.
He is just a classic for the season.

My mother had a Annalise mouse years ago, I'm not sure
what ever happened to her, but years ago when
we had our retail store, I brought these Annalise 
characters in, and I simple could not resist 
bringing home these pilgrims.
Years ago, I cross stitched the 
"Over the River and through the woods",
our son framed it for me while we 
still had the store.

I made this canvas picture, 
that is sitting on the counter with Scrapbook paper
and old photos I have taken from my photo stash.
I love the feel of this canvas,
and it doesn't take up much room.

Last but certainly not least,
is the new painted pantry door.
I did this in August, and have a post on the 
how-to of the painting process.

I love this door in the Kitchen, it has brought 
the character to my kitchen that I was needing,
and the first change to the kitchen
that I want to make over the next year.
My 3 canisters are full of flour, hot cocoa mix,
and nutritional yeast.  Love them
close to the island where I cook.

Happy Fall to all of you!

From our home to yours,
Have a great fall season.