Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lets Go! Fall!

It's Fall!!!!
Let's do Fall!
We have just come home from 6 weeks away.
4 of those weeks were in Mexico on a short mission.
We teach Self-Reliance, and help 
people learn how to become more Self-Reliant.

It has been so fun to come home to fall.
Each year, there is something new about fall that I love.
This year is the crisp cool air.
I walk outside and smell the coolness,
the freshness of the air.

I worked on a few projects to share with you.
First is a pumpkin patch.
Don't we all love a pumpkin patch, to walk through
it and select the perfect pumpkin?
Rachel and Us all grew our own pumpkins this year,
and admittedly, there are quite a few in our
patch, so they were spread around the flower pots
and window boxes.  
I love doing this, filling my window boxes with something
different in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.

But for you, I made a mini pumpkin patch for my window.

This pumpkin patch is made on black cardstock
Glitter die cut pumpkins, brown cardstock, Ocher glitter dot,
and raffia for the leaves.
Just a cute sign Pumpkins for $1.00
completes the cute picture for my fall window.

Really, simple and easy, but yet
you really feel fall.
I love the texture of the raffia for the green
and dried stem on the pumpkins.

I'm loving the feel of fall so much.
I also made a stand up picture page 
on 2 8x8 pieces of canvas, 
they are put together with hinges between the 2 canvas'.

I used 3 actual photos from my extra photo stash.
One is the border on the right side.
I also used 
Honeycomb Fleur Linen Cardstock
for the background,
Yarn tied around the bottom of the left side,
and a few crystal leaves.
I think I will add some dew drops, 
and maybe some large leaves as well.

But for now, this will do in my kitchen.
Have a wonderful fall!!
Hope you love it as much as I do!

Hugs,    Robin

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