Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cabo San Lucas

Every other year we have the
opportunity to go see and smell and 
stay by the ocean.

This is always a time of fun and relaxation.

And since we still have snow here in Utah,
I need something to brighten up my day.

The ocean is my favorite place to visit.

Here are some ocean pages.

The Robin's Nest has awesome papers to complete 
wonderful pages of the ocean.

Have you guessed our favorite place to see the ocean?
Cabo San Lucas

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I had such a small picture of Rachel and Jess (my girls) walking together on the
beach, so to add photos of the ocean was so perfect,
I love the pictures of the footprints in the sand.

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Aquamarine Glitter Sorbet CS
Large Starfish
Blue tear drops
Beach Rub-on
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We love the infinity pool where we stay, and love that
it overlooks the ocean from the hill where we are located.
So I swim everyday
and love every minute of it,
I wish I could take this pool and view home with me.

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Teal tear drops
Glitter Awning Spa paper
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This is just a simple one page layout, with only one photo.
I so loved the birds in this photo,
and I have to say that because the photo came out
so nice, I decided to give it it's page all alone.

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Glitter Water Swirl CS (front and back)
Beach Sticker
Blue and light blue tear drops
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Enjoy the ocean  through these photos,
as I scrapbooked  these photos it brought back
so many good feelings of being close to the 
ocean.  I want to go back!
Hopefully this year.

and lots of hugs,


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Baby Boys

In the last 2 years we have
received 3 new baby boys in our families.

I have been far behind in getting the 
photos on pages and in my books.
So for the last while my goal was to get

Here are 2 of those cute baby boys
now 20 months old. 
Well, at least 20 months old anyway.

These pages are quite on the simple side,
the pictures being more important than the papers.
I so love these little babies, all their parts,
and his cute personality.
Caleb is the first son of Jacob and his wife Britney, our youngest son's
family.  First and only brother to 3 girls.

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Boy Stripe
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Here is little Weston, whom we fondly call Wessie,
I'm sure he will protest this when he gets older.
Weston had a hard time breathing just a few days after his
birth and was admitted back in the hospital,
where we got to see him for the first time.
He is born to our middle son Jeremiah and his wife
Tara, Weston came to a family of 3 other brothers.

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Teal Glitter Journaling tag
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Here we have Caleb again
this was taken at the hospital where he was born.
I have used our new baby line.

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Baby Boy Sticker
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Here is Weston again.
Now he is older, and so cute.

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Poem (retired)
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And just for fun...
Braxton is Weston's older brother.
Here is another fun boy page.
Just simple, but quite a fun page.

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Stamp Sticker
Little boy sticker ( retired)
My Young son Sticker (retired)
Brown Mini dew drops

Here's to our baby boy pages!



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Day in Alexandria, Egypt

Hello readers!
I am in Mexico for the next 2 weeks working on
Humanitarian Work for our church.
I have preposted this and the next post
so we can do our work in the state of Chiapas.

We had a great opportunity to 
travel to Alexandria while we were on 
our Egypt trip.

It is a city full of traffic bumper to bumper.
But it sits on the Mediterranean Sea,
the beauty of that sea is so amazing.

I look at these pictures from there and feel like 
I am there all over again.

Alexandria gives you the the feeling of 
a more modern city right on the edge of water.
Here is the toll road 
just before you get to the city.

Papers used:
Spa Glitter Swirl
Italy Sticker
Brown Dew drops
Chipboard tags

Right on the Mediterranean Sea 
on a small island sits this 
Fort that looks like an incredible Castle.
The color stands out from all over the city of Alexandria
and you just want to go over there
and see it, touch it.
Can you believe it was build in 1468?
So amazing

I used French Vanilla Fleur Linen CS

Just a row boat on the Mediterranean,
but a fabulous picture just the same.
I love to take pictures like these,
just the simple things of the area, and then
when I am back home looking through the photos
I really feel like I can be there all over again.

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Glitter Spa Swirl
Water Rub on
Beach sticker
Palm Tree Rub on
Blue dews and tears

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cabo Fishing Trip

Cortney loves to go fishing
when he goes to Cabo San Lucas.

Cortney is Rachel's other half.

Dana loves to come along even though
the ocean makes him very sea sick.
He takes lots of dramamine before he gets on the ship.

Out on in the ocean,
as the ship rocks and rocks,
there really are fish in all of that water below,
though Dana sometimes wonders if it is worth it.
The first year Cortney went on a fishing trip here
he caught a marlin.
It is now mounted on the wall in their home.
This time Jes and Cortney caught tuna.
It really was a fun day for them
out on the ocean.

Robin's Nest Products:
Tropical Voyage Paper
Fishing Sticker
Teal tear drops

Jess with her fish.
And the morning sun rising as they went out to sea.

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Large Starfish
Small Starfish
Sea Shells
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On a lighter note,
we rented little scooters to get around town.
I'm not a good scooter driver,
in fact while we were there it was the second time
I had even driven a scooter.
So here is my tire mark on the cement wall
where I crashed!

Ha Ha, we all do something dumb,
this is one of mine.

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Until next week!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun Ruins in Guatemala and Belize


is one of our favorite places to visit.
17 years ago we went on a tour to 

There were many places we didn't visit,
last year we had the opportunity to
go to Guatemala again.
So, there were a few places on our 
Bucket list to visit.

Here they are.


This town is one of the oldest in Guatemala,
and the town has been preserved
to keep its original form and beauty.
Buildings are so beautiful.
And the original churches and monasteries
are absolutely fabulous!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love the Ocean

Oh, how I want to be right there
at the ocean!

I hope you are not tired of ocean pictures.
I am just so in the mood to lay on the beach
pull out my book, and relax and read.
Maybe even get a tan!

Here is Rachel at the beach in Galviston, Texas.
I told her that it would be fun for you to see her on days off.
We usually only know each other in work situations,
and to see us on the light side is really fun.  
It's fun for me to see her relax too.

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Glitter Seashore CS (both sides) and a personal fav
Beach Sticker
Seashore Clippies

I had so much fun taking these photos of Rachel and Cortney.
I  love to see our kids having fun,
and this is one of those moments.

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Water Sticker
Glitter Water Swirl CS (both sides)
Spa sticker
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And probably my most favorite page of all time.
Jes and her friend Lindsey are looking at the ocean from the 
infinity pool. It is an amazing photo.
I love how I could match the sky and ocean with the Blue Raspberry Sorbet CS
and pool with the coral CS Back side.
It gives you the feel
that you are right there with me taking the photo
and the ocean is right out there.

Robin's Nest Products:
Blue Raspberry Glitter Sorbet CS
Coral CS (back side)
Beach Sticker
Glitter Spa Enjoy Mixed CS
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Glitter Spa Swirl CS (Rosette)
Glitter Water Swirl CS (Rosette)

Hoping for less snow around here,
these page layouts always make me feel better
even warmer by just enjoying,
Hope they do this for you too!