Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alexandria, Egypt

We had a great opportunity to 
travel to Alexandria while we were on 
our Egypt trip.

It is a city full of traffic bumper to bumper.
But it sits on the Mediterranean Sea,
the beauty of that sea is so amazing.

I look at these pictures from there and feel like 
I am there all over again.

Alexandria gives you the the feeling of 
a more modern city right on the edge of water.
Here is the toll road 
just before you get to the city.

Papers used:
Spa Glitter Swirl
Italy Sticker
Brown Dew drops
Chipboard tags

Right on the Mediterranean Sea 
on a small island sits this 
Fort that looks like an incredible Castle.
The color stands out from all over the city of Alexandria
and you just want to go over there
and see it, touch it.
Can you believe it was build in 1468?
So amazing

I used French Vanilla Fleur Linen CS

Just a row boat on the Mediterranean,
but a fabulous picture just the same.
I love to take pictures like these,
just the simple things of the area, and then
when I am back home looking through the photos
I really feel like I can be there all over again.

Products used:
Glitter Spa Swirl
Water Rub on
Beach sticker
Palm Tree Rub on
Blue dews and tears

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mr. Lucas

I always love to find 
fun pictures of our grandchildren.

These pictures were
extras from Robyn of Mr. Lucas.

Boy photos are always a little
harder to find,
and ideas for them even harder.

I think I will have some in a few days
to work on again, these
were just fabulous photos
of this young
energetic grandson.

I love how his orange
shirt just pops out on the page.
the paper
blends in with his pants,
just jeans.

Great and fun day in the woods
in Alaska.

Robin's Nest Product
Glitter Spa Swirl
Spa Stripe
Glitter Daisy's
Yellow dew drops
Glitter Spring sticker

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Have a great day!



Wednesday, February 12, 2014


All my life
Valentines Day has always been special.

My mother always greeted us in the morning with
pink pancakes for breakfast.

She always made valentines cards for us,
and we of course would
make and sign our own valentines for school.

Our evening always started with
Pink Casserole. 
I still can taste it in my mind as I
remember these foods.

I took these traditions with me when
I left home, married, and had a family.
  Our kids too ate 
pink pancakes 
for breakfast and 
pink casserole for dinner.

Here are some of the things I do in my house
to decorate for 
Valentines Day.

It is a special day in our home.

Here is our sign we
sit on the mantle of our fireplace.

I used Robin's Nest Products
which are glued on a long brown matboard.
Glitter Valentine Cardstock
Valentine Stripe Cardstock
Brown Glitter Classic Swirl Cardstock
Red Dew Drops

This is a side view of the Love Sign.

 Here is a Be Mine 12x12 love note
as I like to call these signs.
All products used are 
Retired Robin's Nest Products.

Our kitchen table
Valentines and Love!

Kiss me Table setting.
I have a wonderful set of pink dishes
from my Victorian Decorating Days.

I added a few straws to the table setting.

From our store years ago, 
I made this Valentines tree.  
The hearts are brads, and at the beginning
of the month I added dew drops.

I love the metal heart on the pink block
couldn't resist it years ago.
And the little girl she came to my home
years ago.  She has cute hearts on her,
and for Winter in Utah February,
she is dressed for the winter cold days,
she just fits like a glove.
I love her.

The mushroom came from my mother's boxes.
I remember as a child, she would
have these mushrooms all around.
She grew up in Germany, 
and this was just part of our home,

I made this medallion for Crafts Magazine.
I'm not sure what they did with it.
But I did take one picture of it,
and here it is.
Maybe we will see it on their Facebook.

I sure love the Robin's Nest products for Valentines.
The basics are so perfect to
make projects with.  It is a great red!

Robin's Nest Products used:
Glitter Chipboard in Red and Silver
Glitter Red Paisley Cardstock
Classic Roses Cardstock
Pink Glitter Chipboard
Pearl dew drops
White and Red tear drops
Pearl diamond drops
Heart Clippies
Glitter Lips Cardstock

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I hope you have a great Valentines Day.

Enjoy these fun ideas!

Happy Valentines Day!

Hugs and Ciao,


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I am still working on my Egypt
So this is what I have to 
share with my scrapbook pages.

Today I will share pages made on 
different papers with 
brown backgrounds.

Sometimes when we look at our papers, 
and then at our pictures, it is hard to 
envision what paper to scrapbook 
on.  For these pictures, I wanted simple
but in colors that matched where we were.
I chose brown, and as I was
going through the papers, I thought
would these work, will they show the best 
in the photos.
Here are my results.

We were visiting a Muslim Temple here
and the arches just fascinated me.  I really wanted  those arches to 
stand out in the layout.

Robin's Nest Products used:
Glitter Brown Classic Swirl CS
Brown Herringbone CS
 Italy Sticker
Gold Glitter Letters
Dew drops and diamond drops
Honeycomb chipboard

This layout is one of my fav's 
I used the Mens Paisley paper.
It is more muted with a little red in it
and when I added these photos with the 
sand and red covering on the camels, it 
just worked great.
Again I used the Gold glitter letters.
One thing I noticed when I was trying to letter these pages
I learned that most other companies, have
only a few vowels on their letter stickers.
If you look on Robin's Nest letter stickers,
there is an abundance of vowels,
letting me spell out words on about 5 pages with only one
sheet of letter stickers.

Again I have used the Men's Paisley Paper,
It was dark enough to let the 
light color of the tombs be more important
and show more than the paper.
Great paper for simple pages other 
than what we think it can be used for.
I also used the Hottie Sticker on this page.

I used the Ancient Map paper on this page,
Which Rachel just told me is now retired.
I made me feel like the era of 
Alexandria I was putting on the page.
I love this paper, I will miss it for sure.

This is the Palm tree Cardstock back side.
All of Cairo is filled with palm trees, so this just gave a little
punch to the simple Church I was scrapbooking.

This is the Palm Tree paper front side.
Even though there are no Palm Trees around the 
Pyramids, the background of the paper
fit perfect.  I also brought color to a 
very sandy colored area of Egypt.
You still have that feeling that you are in the middle
of this ancient and incredible building 
of the world.

So you can see that the papers you 
use really can influence the look of your pages
you are scrapbooking.

I so love this, and when the entire book of 
Egypt is put together,
the pages and book will flow from one page to the next.
Coordinating papers work great, 
and they can come from different collections, 
and different companies.

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