Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pink Tulips

One of my favorite
colors is pink.  Only in some things,
I don't love it for everything
but for Spring Tulips
I Love Pink!

For the last 4 years I seem to be gone
from our home when the pink tulips are in
Last year, I think I saw one of
them bloom.
This year, we were home for one day
the rest of the month we have been gone,
but these tulips were ready to bloom
or were very close.
I cut them with my handy new
f;oral clippers the kids gave me
for Mother's day.

I hurried in the house and took these
pictures, then put the disk in
and envelope to take with me so I could
share with you these
favorite tulips that come
once a year.

I'm hoping when we get home that the
white lilacs will be in bloom
and I won't miss them.

We have been in Colorado with our
son, and his family, and also
visiting with Dana's Sister who
just moved to Colorado this month too.

So for the love of my
pink tulips, I put them in this small
white vase, packed them in the
car with us, and off to Colorado
we went.  We enjoyed them
on the kitchen island for a week
at our son's house.

I thank the Lord for letting these
flowers bloom for me on the one day
we were home, so not 
only could I enjoy them for a week
but I could share them with 
our kids!

Have a great week!


The Story 3 Little Princess'

3 Princess' Mini Book

I am so excited about this book!!!
It has been a dream to make for quite some time.
My photo shoot with the girls was such a
joy, and we did so many fun things
that day.

Each page reflects the things we did together,
and the things we do together!

I purchased skirts for each of the girls.
They so love to dance, listen to music, and twirl!
Girls love to twirl!

Products used:
Princess Cardstock
Pink mini dew drops
Princess Glitter Sticker 
(not many of these left in the warehouse)
Glitter Pink Journaling tags

In between the first 2 pages is this little book,
the glitter words on the front is from Glitter Princess Words.
I just cut the ends of the words to give it its look.
Paper is a retired Robin's Nest

Each grand daughter gets her own page.
I so love how this turned out.
Remember all the papers I have used
are on our website

I used the Princess Collection to create this  book.

I used a Clear Scraps Crown book
to create these crown pages, I added pictures to both sides
and dew drops.  I distressed with pink ink.

Aliyah's page here.
I used 3 different kinds of papers and journaling tags.

I tied the holes,
with ribbons on these clear crown pages,
it gives it a cute little look aside
from the fact that they really were
holes for a book.

Kadence is the youngest of the three.
Her pages started a new idea, I decided to add a little mini
flower to each page with a metallic pink dew drop in the
 middle of the flower.
I do love telling about the girls on the journaling tags,
these have become just a very important part of the book.
I wanted to tell a story about the 3 girls
like a story book.
When they came to visit a month ago,
I took Aliyah aside,
and we read the book together.  She was
so excited for the next page,
the move away from their "fairy grand mother" (me)
to a new castle.

I still have not finished the story on this page, but I will
eventually get it finished.
I used the glitter princess chipboard shapes
to this page.
They turned out great on here as part of the

I was so glad to still have a few embellishments from
Gina's Designs.  They just fit in so well,
from doilies to dress forms.

Our little tea party with lemonade and brownies
out in the back yard.
They had so much fun
pouring and sipping and
dressing up.

This little book page goes
in between the page above.

Dancing and twirling are
very important in little girls lives!
this is why we have such cute dress up
clothes at grandma's house!

Now it is time to end our book and 
say good-bye with a kiss.

More pictures of our cute pages.

It is such a fun book.
I am so glad that I was able to save
embellishments, paper, pictures
for our little book
about the 3 little Princesses.

Aliyah and I read this book together
when she was visiting last.  She would smile
as I read the story with her, she sounding out
her words, and I helping her with some of
the hard ones.
When it came to the end,
and I read the ending, that the 3 little
princess' loved their new castle, she sighed a
big sigh, smiled, and gave me a hug.

Aren't grand children just the best!

Here is the cover again that
I showed last week.

Thanks for visiting with us.

you can buy these papers and stickers
in our
Princess Collection

Ciao and lots of hugs,


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 Little Princess' Mini Book

3 Little Princess'

Hi all!

So I have had this idea for a long time that I wanted to create
an incredible

I have been working on this book
on and off for several weeks.
I have been saving a stash of embellishments
that I have been saving for a few
years just for this "dream" book that
I wanted to create, plus
I had to wait for a photo shoot with
my granddaughters to have all the things
I needed to create this book.
So now is the time to be creative! 

Today I will share with you just the cover of the book.

I used a mini book shape 5 1/2 x 11.
You can purchase these chipboard shapes
from our website as a 6 page book.

I saved these 3 chipboard crowns from Want 2 Scrap
I covered each crown in a different color of glitter chipboard.
Silver, Pink, and Gold.

I then embellished each crown differently with dew
drops, tear drops, and diamond drops.
I used gold, silver, clear, and pink.
I also used both 6mm and 4 mm dew drops.
I love "The Best Glue Ever"
to adhere these to the glitter chipboard.
They stay on awesome with this glue.

I thought it would be fun for you to see my
scrapbook table when I am creating.
it is always a complete mess of piles of
papers, ribbons, and embellishments, so I
can see what I have at my fingertips.
It however, is rarely beautiful at this point.
but somehow, creativity fills my mind, and
I am able to come up with some fun creations
in this room, on my long table.
It often reminds me of the song from
the very old Cinderella movie/play
from my childhood.
"In my own little corner,
in my own little chair,"

 (workings on my scrapbook desk)

I covered the book from the 
Princess Collection on our website
I used the Glitter Princess Crown Cardstock to Cover
the chipboard book shape. The chipboard shape is
cut from our colored chipboard, I used pink then
covered it in the Glitter Princess Crown Cardstock.

I then went through my embellishment stash and
started layering and layering and layering!

I wanted this book to have lots of dimension.
I found star wands at the dollar store and added a few
crystals to the center of the stars. {Connies Crystals}
It took me a few different glues to make them stay
on the wands, and the best glue was 
"The best glue ever"  to make everything
stay on the cover of this book.

I have been saving these 3 chipboard crowns from "Want 2 Scrap".
I covered each crown with glitter chipboard
Pink, Gold,and Silver.
Then I embellished each crown with different
dew drops, tear drops, or diamond drops.
I used:
Silver dew drops
Pearl diamond drops
Clear tear drops
Gold mini dew drops
Clear diamond drops
I also used "The Best Glue Ever" to adhere these.
I then used pop dots to bring the crowns up from the
Glitter Princess Crown Paper from The Robin's Nest

Then I just started adding some of my embellishments I have stashed 
just for this book. Connies Crystals in purple attached with a purple pin.
Pink and white Timeless Twine
Glitter Princess in Training title from The Robin's Nest
Glitter Brown Chipboard Heart from The Robin's Nest
On the top of the book is a sticker in the shape of a Horn
with a pink flag hanging from it.
This is on the glitter princess sticker,
you will see more from this sticker next week as we go 
through the pages of the book.

Well, Until next week!

I so love how this book is looking!
Whew, such a lot of work in just a few days!

I will share with you the inside of the book
next Wednesday.  I am so excited to share it with you!



Sunday, May 11, 2014

Great Boy Mini Book for Mr Lucas

Honestly, my  favorite thing to make 
is mini books.

I haven't finished one for a while 
until now.  I just had the need to get 
those design juices going and create another

Here it is!

Genuine Boy 
about our
Mr. Lucas

Lucas is the youngest son of our
oldest son Joshua and his wife

Here is the front of the book, 
Mr Lucas is our star.

I have used the 
King Louis' Castle Collection
Blue Classic Glitter Swirl
Baby Boy Collection
Orange Crackle
and Paperback book pieces.

Close up on the front of the book.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Robin's Nest New Lodge Collection

We have been working on a 
new collection for
the Robin's Nest.

Today I am introducing you
to our new line of
papers and embellishments to match.

The Lodge Collection

This collection can be used in so many different ways!
Besides outdoor and lodge.

Here are a few.

Here I am in France, and this beautiful new Glitter Green paper was so
perfect for this page.
I also used some cut outs from the cut out sheet.

This is a family page using the new Compass Cardstock
and the new Daisy/Stripe Cardstock,
and some cut outs.

Here I have used the Compass Cardstock
to cover the "J". I also used
the Bel rub on from the boys line.

This is a mini book that I created using the new Lodge Cutout sheet,
the die cuts, the birch straw, and printed papers from this collection.
Daisy/Stripe CS, Trees CS, Glitter Leaves Linen CS.

This is certainly one of my favorite pages.
I have used the Lodge Collection, 
the Black Forrest Collection,
The New Baby Collection.

Here is the Lodge Collection.

I have also created a Father's Day card
and a tag using the product line.

Other products used on these pages come from the
Black Forrest Collection
on our website.

Many big hugs to you,