Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pink Tulips

One of my favorite
colors is pink.  Only in some things,
I don't love it for everything
but for Spring Tulips
I Love Pink!

For the last 4 years I seem to be gone
from our home when the pink tulips are in
Last year, I think I saw one of
them bloom.
This year, we were home for one day
the rest of the month we have been gone,
but these tulips were ready to bloom
or were very close.
I cut them with my handy new
f;oral clippers the kids gave me
for Mother's day.

I hurried in the house and took these
pictures, then put the disk in
and envelope to take with me so I could
share with you these
favorite tulips that come
once a year.

I'm hoping when we get home that the
white lilacs will be in bloom
and I won't miss them.

We have been in Colorado with our
son, and his family, and also
visiting with Dana's Sister who
just moved to Colorado this month too.

So for the love of my
pink tulips, I put them in this small
white vase, packed them in the
car with us, and off to Colorado
we went.  We enjoyed them
on the kitchen island for a week
at our son's house.

I thank the Lord for letting these
flowers bloom for me on the one day
we were home, so not 
only could I enjoy them for a week
but I could share them with 
our kids!

Have a great week!


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