Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mini Boudoir

This month
Gina's Designs is our partner.
She has sent the designers a wonderful
selections of products to use with 
The Robin's Nest Products.

I decided to use one of the boxes that she
sent as my project. The box is a way to create a 3 dimensional
mini room, or mini scene of what your imagination desires.
The original box packet has sewing supplies to go with it.
I decided as I went through all the goodies
she sent to us, to make a room.
As the room started developing, it became
a Boudoir.

The kit came as a box that you put together,
it was simple and I had it glued together in less than 5 minutes.

I then selected my papers that I wanted to use for the
room, and as I was working on the room,
and I selected laser cuts from the packets that 
Gina's Designs sent to us.

Robin's Nest Papers used:
Glitter French Vanilla Fleur (fleur on front of box)
Cathedral Paper (Background wall paper)
Valentine Stripe (Chair)
Baroque Paper (Picture on wall)
Glitter Write (dress form) retired paper

Here are close ups of the room.

I covered the Chair.
Glittered the Chandelier
Covered the dress form
Wallpapered the inside of the box
Made a picture frame
Cut out the fleur on the front of the box
Painted the fleur de li
Cut a frame for the outside of the box this is the french vanilla fleur back side.
The urn came from an old sticker called France.

I added mini pearl dew drops on the dress form and the chandelier.
I added Amber Diamond drops, and green diamond drops to the urn.
I added gold mini dew drops on the fleurs.
And added the daffodil original dew drops around the outside of the frame.

Close up of the fleur, and dress form.

Here is the Boudoir again,
I'm not sure where this is going yet,
I have always wanted to create a little mini room. like this,
 this is one of my bucket list items.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014


When we are visiting
our grandchildren, I love to 
do a little activity or project with them
so they have fond 
memories of our time together.

Last year in December we went
to visit Jer and Tara for the new year
celebration, they had their older
boys with them for the Christmas break
for a few days while we were there.

I had been pinning these cute 
Star Wars Snowflake patterns
and we decided to spend a morning
working on cutting snowflakes.

It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be,
we needed exacto knives and mini, mini scissors
to accomplish this task of
making snowflakes look like 
Star Wars characters.

This was a fun day
with our grand sons,
and Porter was so excited
he also made some of his own
designs of snowflakes.

It is still winter here in Utah
so I thought it would be fun to share a project
with you that maybe
you can do with your kids
during this winter season!

Robin's Nest products used:
Christmas Collection (North Pole)
Snow Covered Trees CS (back side)
Red Snowflakes CS
Partners Product
Ecstacy Crafts (Snowflake stickers)

Find these printed cardstock sheets
on our website

You can download the patterns
for free off the internet
for these cute snowflake patterns.

Have a great day,
hugs from
our winter home.



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beautiful Grand daughters

I love our
3 little grand daughters, Jake
and Britney's girls.

Last summer we had a photo shoot,
I have posted pages from our photo shoot 
before, today is my page 
of all the girls together.

I had all these cute papers
layed out on my
scrapbook desk, trying to decide
which paper would these
cute girls look best on.

This Girl Swirl Glitter Cardstock
just jumped out at me!

Robin's Nest Products used:
Girl Swirl Glitter CS
Glitter Pink Journaling Tags
Brown Herringbone CS
Girl Roses Sticker (retired)
Teen Girl Stickers
Rose Original Dew Drops

From our partners
Gina's Designs (die cuts)
Timeless Twine

Love our little girls!

Lots of Hugs!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Wonderland Mini Book Inside Pages

Are you ready to see the inside of the
Winter Wonderland Book?

I can't wait to share.
The pictures in this book come from our Alaska Trip
last year in November for Thanksgiving
Our son Josh and his wife Robyn
with their 3 kids live in Wasilla.

All pages are cut to 8x8 size.
I also used the extra 4" that were cut off later in the post.

This page comes from the 
Christmas Collection (North Pole)
White Classic glitter swirl
Black glitter letters
Brown glitter rope CS
Black and White Glitter Pine Tree
Snow Fun Rub on
Instead of rubbing this rub on on to the paper, 
I just cut around the shape, not exact, and laid it on the paper
This way, the rub on is perfect, no cracks, nor is it hard to get on the  page
and it looks wonderful, I did this with the snowflakes also.
The brown rectangles are from the back of our other rub ons.
The white tag is from Bella Creationz
one of our partners this year.

This is Ally, Gabe and Lucas in the pictures here.

I so love the mountains here in Alaska!  
The kids call it Morder,
it is so fun to be here and experience the feel of
all these majestic mountains.
Robin's Nest Products
I used the Russian Winter Collection
Glitter Winter Snow Trees CS
Glitter Chipboard Snowflakes
Winter Sticker/ tag kit
White and pearl dew drops.
From our Partners,
 Gina's Designs (doily)
Timeless Twine

I love this layout,
just simple white, black, and silver.
Robin's Nest Products
Glitter White Snow CS
Classified CS
Silver Glitter Chipboard
Black Glitter Letters
Crimson Sticker
From our partners:
Gina's Designs (Doily)
Ecstasy Crafts (Iridescent snowflake stickers)

 On Thanksgiving day we traveled for a few hours
to see this beautiful glacier and mountains
The river was close to the road most of the 
trip through Alaska, full of frozen water
and ice everywhere.
Such a beautiful morning and ride.
Robin's Nest Products
Glitter Pinetrees (Calgary Stampede)
Snow Cut out sheet
The title sheet at the top of the page was from 
a group swap.  They did a great job.
I also used the 4" cut from the 12x12 to create a insert 
page between the 8x8 sheets.
This is where I have journaled also on the page layout.

Again I have used the RN Black and White Glitter Pine trees CS
I so love the feel of this paper,
especially when your pictures are full of snow
and ice.  I also again used the 4" cut off section from the
12x12 sheet for the insert between these pages.
On the top of the insert page is a pocket made from  the
Glitter Snow Covered trees CS
Crimson Sticker
Glitter White Chipboard
White and Pearl dew drops
All from the Robin's Nest

Josh has a friend who owns and plane 
in Alaska, so we were able to see Alaska from the 
sky.  It was a bit intimidating for me to do this.
Just different for sure, but it turned out to be one of the
highlights of the trip.
Robin's Nest Products
Glitter Vellum Snowflake (retired)
Dew drops
From our partners:
Ecstasy Crafts (iridescent snowflakes)
Gina's Designs (doily)

Just some photos from the plane trip on the left side of the
page, and on the right side a photo from our 
Thanksgiving day drive.
Title is from a group swap.
Robin's Nest Products
Glitter Winter Retreat Swirl CS
From our Partners
Timeless Twine

More photos from the air!
Robin's Nest Products
Russian Winter Collection
Glitter Snow Stripe CS
Winter Sticker

These are the inserts that I put in the book between the 2 pages 
above.  They are made from the 4" cut off from my 12x12 cs
Robin's Nest Products
Boy Dot/stripe CS
Glitter Winter Retreat Swirl
Winter Snowflake Sticker
From our Partners
Ecstasy Crafts (iridescent snowflakes)

You know you are in Alaska when in the middle of the
day it is this dark.
Lucas and Gabe are sledding, and really it is daytime!

I created my snowflakes from dew drops, tear drops, and diamond drops
Robin's Nest Products 
Russian Winter Collection
Glitter Winter Snowflakes (both sides)
Snow fun Sticker (retired)
Pearl mini dew drops
Pearl diamond drops
White dew drop 6mm
White tear drops

I found this saying on pintrest,
and made my own to fit this book.
I will include this file free for you to print out 
I always wanted my kids to look this cute
in the winter, Red coat, and 
maybe some days they did.
This is just for my shear pleasure,
and what make winter fun for me.
Robin's Nest Products
Christmas Collection (North Pole)
Glitter Snow Covered Trees CS
Snowflake Vellum Retired
Crimson Sticker
From our Partner
Ecstasy Crafts (iridescent snowflakes)

Last page!
We had been to Alaska twice before
this time and the only moose we had seen by then
were stuffed!  The second evening we were there
we had already gone to bed, in our
jammies, and Robyn comes knocking on the door
of the bed room and said "Mom, Dad!
you need to come right now!"
So we came down the stairs to the kitchen
sliding glass door, and there
she/he was. Out by the back porch.
So I ran and got the camera,
we needed pictures of this for sure!
Robin's Nest Products
Christmas Collection (North Pole)
Glitter Black/White Holly CS
Red Snowflakes CS
(I also made a rosette out of this cs)
Sled Clippie
Tree Straws (coming soon from our Lodge 2014 collection)
I made my own titles and they will be free to  download at the end of this
post also.
From our Partners
Gina's Designs (doily)

So this is 12 8x8 double page layouts 
all from my Winter Wonderland Mini Book

Hope you have enjoyed these ideas!
This was one of the most enjoyable books I have 
ever made.
Again the outside cover.

Enjoy the winter season!

You can find all these products on our website

Ciao,  Robin

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Wonderland Mini Book

I have been wanting to make a "Snow" book
for a while.  About a month ago I just took a "lot of
rocks out of my backpack" our vacation to Germany
from 2 years ago is finally finished!  Whew,
I wondered if I was ever going to get it done,
so in the mean time, I have worked on and finished our 
Egypt trip, which only took me 2 weeks, of an on in the scrapbook 
room. (I will be sharing some of the Egypt pages later)

 The best part of those projects finished is 
my list of mini books I have been wanting to create,
is now on the top of the create list.

So my snow book is now finished. and I cannot be more
excited on how it turned out!  
Such fun to be able to design!

I started out with 2 acrylic pieces of plexiglass.
Dana, my husband cut them with a glass cutter to 9x9 size.
He then drilled 4 holes to fit  8x8 sheet protectors.

I then started designing the outside of the book.
I just had a stack of "snow" items on my scrapbook
desk that I pulled out of my files in my stash of scrapbook items,
 and started laying things on top of the acrylic book
just layering items until I started liking how it looked.

I used the North Pole Sticker
for the title on the book.
I also used the Classified Cardstock
white and pearl dew drops
Winter Ribbon (pompom ribbon)
Glitter Snowflake chipboard shapes
Snow Paper Clips
From our Partners last year:
Connies Crystals
 (there are about 15 crystals on this book cover)
I used a felt deer that I purchased at the Christmas
Markets in Germany, but with our new 2014
Lodge line, there will be one similar to this in one of our packets 
Everything else are just items from my
scrapbook stash.

Here is a top view of the book.

Close up of the snowflakes and dew drops and Connies Crystals

Here is the side view of the pages,
I will post the pages next week on Wednesday.
I did used sheet protectors to put them in
but have lots of fun items that come
out from the edges of the sheet protectors.

I am so excited about this book!

Happy New Year!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Distressing Painted Pillars

I decided to work on our
family room.  It seemed so dark
and I know I chose a paint color
that was just took dark for the room.

So after months of paint chips
attached to the pictures on the wall
I chose a color and started to paint.

Well, of course it was too pink, 
or it looked that way after it was on the 
walls, and there was no way it
was staying.

So back to the paint store for the shade darker, 
which turned out to be perfect.

Then on the same paint chip,
I chose the next color darker to paint
the pillars and the crown molding.
This was a great choice,
and I simply love my room again.

I decided to antique the pillars
and here is how they turned out.

I left the original darker color on the wall that has the Come follow me, 
that way I didn't have to find a way to paint around the
saying.  I painted the pillars the same color as the crown molding.
Dana built the pillars for me many, many years ago,
and I had painted them a dark grey, then I was going to faux marble
them.  Well, I never got them marbled, it was always a
thought in the wind I guess.
But I went to a web site called Secrets of Segreto,
and loved how the designers were faux painting and decorating 
the rooms they designed.  So I decided to learn
from their beautiful work and change my pillars.
Dana put molding on the pillars to create the rectangles.
I then painted them to match the new color,
then distress them.

I read blog after blog, trying to figure out how to distress
 the pillars how I wanted them.
I was a bit daunting, and intimidating, even though
I have done tons of painting over the years.
I also decided to keep the intentions of the crown molding
the original grey color, with just a touch of new paint. 

So I began.

I used Ralph Lauren glaze in sienna shade.
And I used a sea foam sponge.
This sea foam sponge has large holes in it, so it isn't quite so 
even when distressing as regular sponge.

I then put the glaze on with the sponge  LIGHTLY.
This is the look it creates, and just a light rub around the top
crown molding and even lighter on the flat section of the  pillar.

Here is my first finished pillar.  
Yea!!! I did it!

The other pillars became less intimidating,
and I got all the way around the room, 4 pillars in all.

These are the 2 pillars that stand at the bottom of our staircase.

Here it is stairs and all.

The long wall of the family room to the 
kitchen, with the finished pillar at the end of the wall.

And a close up of the finished pillar.

I made it through this project,
and oh, boy do I ever love it!

This is a great way to add depth to your room,
and to add and upgrade to your home.



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let it Snow Wreath

Let it Snow
Let it Snow
Let it Snow

We have plenty of it here in Utah!

I decided to redo an old wreath
that I have had for a while.

Here is what it looked like originally.

When we were going through my moms 
Christmas boxes, I found the white leaves 
and a sign that says Let it Snow.

I also decided to used the Snowflake and Snowmen
Styrofoam ornaments
from our blog hop.

Here is my finished wreath.

On my back door,
snow and all!

Here are the snowmen,
wrapped in book page sheets
 and wool ribbon 
I bought in the 
Germany Christmas Markets.

I added the white leaf picks
the snowflakes, which I glittered
with white glitter, and 
White Classic Swirl glitter cardstock rosettes.

Close up on the Snowflakes.

Welcome to my home in this
very cold snowy January!