Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alexandria, Egypt

We had a great opportunity to 
travel to Alexandria while we were on 
our Egypt trip.

It is a city full of traffic bumper to bumper.
But it sits on the Mediterranean Sea,
the beauty of that sea is so amazing.

I look at these pictures from there and feel like 
I am there all over again.

Alexandria gives you the the feeling of 
a more modern city right on the edge of water.
Here is the toll road 
just before you get to the city.

Papers used:
Spa Glitter Swirl
Italy Sticker
Brown Dew drops
Chipboard tags

Right on the Mediterranean Sea 
on a small island sits this 
Fort that looks like an incredible Castle.
The color stands out from all over the city of Alexandria
and you just want to go over there
and see it, touch it.
Can you believe it was build in 1468?
So amazing

I used French Vanilla Fleur Linen CS

Just a row boat on the Mediterranean,
but a fabulous picture just the same.
I love to take pictures like these,
just the simple things of the area, and then
when I am back home looking through the photos
I really feel like I can be there all over again.

Products used:
Glitter Spa Swirl
Water Rub on
Beach sticker
Palm Tree Rub on
Blue dews and tears

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