Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Home Tour 2013

 Welcome to our Home.

Fall is simply my favorite season of the year!

This year we have spent most of the fall in Mexico, then
we were off to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a week, 
home for 4 days, 
then to Albuquerque, New Mexico for 3 days.

I did all of this decorating in one day, 
since home was so far away!

We are in Tooele, Utah right now 
waiting for a part for the truck, and then home.
Have been here for 3 days now.
I wonder if I will be home soon!  Hope that part comes today!

I am so ready to be home again.

We grew our own pumpkins this year, 
It really was fun, as we ended up with lots of
pumpkins and I was able to use them in the window boxes
and the planters around the front yard.

The flag with the yellow ribbon is for our son who at the time
of the photo, was in Afghanistan, he just returned home on Monday!
We have 3 sons in the Army,
this is our 6th tour for our 3 sons combined.
They all have returned home safely!

Each season I put new things in the house planter boxes.
I found these lemon scented herb trees in the spring,
but have saved them in the green house for this fall.
I wanted to add other winter squash to the window boxes,
but alas, there wasn't enough of me before we left for 
Mexico, so only kale and mums were added.

Our front door wreath is old from many years ago.
This year I just added the feathers, which 
look a bit wild!
I need a little more orange in it for sure.

This is our back door, coming into the house from 
the driveway.  The leaves are falling and it looks so
beautiful, I stacked some of the pumpkins, as we just have
so many of them!

Here is the side of our house
each planter stacked with pumpkins.
These large dark orange pumpkins are 
princess pumpkins planted from seeds we saved 
from last year.

As you come in our back door, it opens in to our family room.
I took off the American Flag covers from the pillows.
They lasted a long time, I was sad to say good bye to them.
We have a wonderful wood stove that Dana hand built 
in the early years of our marriage.  In this home
he has built a European looking fireplace top and mantle
that I absolutely love.
Here I have placed 3 white pots and added white 
pumpkins to them.  These pots have come from the many
cupboards of beautiful things from my mother
who passed away this year.

On the table is a bowl of glass colored pumpkins.

And on top of the wood stove is a watercolor painting of fall
trees I did many years ago.  It is one of my
favorite things to bring out in the fall.

The bathroom off the family room, which I just painted this
ochre yellow, sports a fall towel and potato soaps.

Again another find from my mom's cupboards is this pumpkin
I'm sure she bought at Hallmark when I was a child.
It brings comfort time to me when I see it.

Welcome to our Kitchen.
There is a big island in the kitchen
and each season I change the place settings.

For years I have had these felt leaf place mats.
I layered them with 2 plates, a fall 
cloth napkin, a mini felt leaf, with a hand made goblet,
 and more white pumpkins.

I love how this feels,
I also love to bring out the big turkey.
He is just a classic for the season.

My mother had a Annalise mouse years ago, I'm not sure
what ever happened to her, but years ago when
we had our retail store, I brought these Annalise 
characters in, and I simple could not resist 
bringing home these pilgrims.
Years ago, I cross stitched the 
"Over the River and through the woods",
our son framed it for me while we 
still had the store.

I made this canvas picture, 
that is sitting on the counter with Scrapbook paper
and old photos I have taken from my photo stash.
I love the feel of this canvas,
and it doesn't take up much room.

Last but certainly not least,
is the new painted pantry door.
I did this in August, and have a post on the 
how-to of the painting process.

I love this door in the Kitchen, it has brought 
the character to my kitchen that I was needing,
and the first change to the kitchen
that I want to make over the next year.
My 3 canisters are full of flour, hot cocoa mix,
and nutritional yeast.  Love them
close to the island where I cook.

Happy Fall to all of you!

From our home to yours,
Have a great fall season.


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