Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last 3 weeks accomplishments

This summer has been an absolute joy so far.  I'm finally in the catch up mode, and there is lots to do around our house for sure.  I started a list of the things I am getting done.  The list started on May 20th.  So here is the list.

Painted park bench in side flower garden
Stained wine barrels
Painted edge of back deck
Stained garden table
Washed and stained balcony off master bedroom
Painted French doors off family room and master bedroom,
Finished laying bark in side flower garden and around apple tree
Weeded 4 very large flower beds
Spread diazinon on several areas of the yard, many times now
Painted outside rocking chair
Brought out garden furniture/ Dana helped
Painted the face birdhouse
Replanted pots in green house
Sprayed dandelions
Painted black outdoor kitchen chairs
Scrubbed the grill
Sprayed miracle grow
Moved window boxes out of green house
Moved all large pots out off greenhouse to yard and decks
Planted 12 other outside pots with flowers from greenhouse
Scrubbed and shined copper roof over bay window
Washed all windows inside and out
Replanted greenhouse again/ lettuce and cabbages
Stained front porch after Dana power washed it
Made America scrapbook, and posted 5 posts on Robin's Nest blog
Painted and stained all shudders on house
Painted metal rocking chairs and sewed new pads
Painted the base for the front outdoor table

And of course just the normal everyday stuff like laundry, cooking, cleaning the house.  I'm exhausted every night when I retire to bed.  Then I just want to veg and not even think.  Did I mention that I read for a half hour every morning and do a Spanish lesson for 40 minutes  every day.  Well, I will post some photos of these chores.  I guess I will start a new list next week.  Off to Salt Lake to teach a class.  A mini America book, still have to get all the pages ready for my ladies.

 Copper roof, it needs one more wash to even things out, but love how it looks.

 Some blooms from the front flower bed
Park bench and wine barrels
Well, just a few of the photos of the finished projects.  Shudders, painted chairs and table base, and stained deck, window boxes.  Love it.

Ciao and hugs,


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