Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Peonies are in bloom!

Sunday mornings are my relax time.  Time to read, time to reflect, time to enjoy life in general.  Usually in the summer it is customary for me, still dawned in my pajamas, to walk the yard, talk to the flowers (just plants in the spring), and take photos, and cut flowers to fill vases in the house.

I remember a teacher in my Jr High days, we lived in California, say that one of her dreams was to have vases full of fresh flowers set about her house all year long.  Well, she may have said it in a different way, but that is what I remember.

It impressed me so much, flowers in vases, in all of the house?  As time traveled on, and I became a wife, and mother, I started to really LOVE flowers in my yard.  I love to plant, I love to weed, I love to talk to the flowers, I just simply love this part of life.  Why can't I have flowers in my home, that I grew?  Well, it has taken many years in this alkaline soil, in Vernal, Utah, to get the flowers to grow, have enough to cut and put in vases throughout the house, and have them still live through the sometimes 40 below winters to want to grow back again the next year.  I have lost thousands of plants, but my love for the flower garden is still a huge part of my life, so I still continue to plant, water, talk, weed, and replant.

This spring the tulips were outstanding.  I will post those photo soon.  But right now the peonies are in full bloom, and absolutely gorgeous.  I wondered a few days ago, when the wind was blowing so hard, tree limbs were breaking off of our trees established for 25 years, if the petals on these peonies would survive the week so I could take pictures of them and share.  Well, they did, petals and all, the peonies are still in gorgeous form.  I love them!

I love the colors of these.
One of my personal favorite colors, pale pink
This is the first year of the white peony, and so far this is the only bloom.
My garden angel with the white peony, She has been part of my garden for over 12 years,  you know I love angels.  I have 2 daughters that are heavenly angels,  I so miss them.
Combination of pale pinks and fuchsias
Clusters of the peonies, there are so many of them, aren't they beautiful!
Up close and personal
Birdbath in a different garden, the tall white flowers, I'm not sure what they are called, someone could let me know, but they only bloom right now, then are gone.
The front flower bed with all the blooms today, the iris' are done blooming, and the columbine are now in full bloom.  I so love how this looks, it has taken years to get this look in the front.
Cut peonies in a pitcher next to my queen Robin I found in a small shop in Germany.
Up close of the flowers in the pitcher.
Queen Robin and peonies.  I love white dishes, so I have a collection of white pitchers.  I want to fill them all!  Maybe next year.

I just read a few pages from a book by Emily Tolley, an herbalist, on things to do with these flowers. I think I will try drying some of them this year, I will let you know how this turns out.  I love my garden, will show you more photos soon.

So for now, enjoy my peonies!

Ciao and Hugs,


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