Friday, June 21, 2013

Talevera Pottery

When we go to Mexico, I always purchase a piece of Talevera pottery.  It is just so beautiful, and has it's own distinct look.  The first time I was introduced to it we were in Chiapas, Mexico, and everyone ranted over it.  I bought a plate and a urn, and never thought about it again for many, many years.

Then as we started traveling more, I started seeing it again in some of the little shops in Mexico.  It of course was much more expensive, and 15 years later, I guess it would be.

This month, I have set the island with my Talevera Pottery.  I always set the island seats with something that fits the season, or just what I happen to have and love at the moment.  This month is Mexico.  It reminds me of vacations, and that is what summer feels like to me, Vacationing.  Not that I am vacationing. In fact, just working, and working, and working around the house, and we spent the last week making the Guest house somewhat live-able for Jake and his family to live in while they wait for their loan to get approved on their house.

We also have one of our rentals open, and need to do some updating on it, which will take up the next week.  Wish me luck!!!

But as I enter the kitchen during the day, I feel the relaxation of Mexico, and our good vacations there, as I see this beautiful pottery set in place settings.
Doesn't it feel festive?  We purchased the placemats in Guatemala just this year.  

The palm tree is my napkin ring, but it was so cute, I decided it really didn't even need a napkin in it.

These are artificial peonies, but the tablecloth I purchased on one of our trips to Mexico.



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