Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recycled Frames

Recycled Frames

Hello Robin's Nest Readers,

Robin here.  I have been cleaning out cupboards, closets, and even under the stairs!  In all of this, I am finding all sorts of things I have hidden away for another day.  So today I am showing you some frames that I have recycled out of my "stash" of things that don't match my decor anymore.

 Here are my old frames.
 I have painted the edges of them, the large one in black and the small one in rust.  Seriously, my black was all gone and it is a miracle I was able to paint this much with the dot of paint I had!
I know this picture is blurry, but the only one I took, bad omen.  I traced the frames on my paper and glued the paper to the frames. I used Black and White Zebra Glitter Cardstock, and Discovery Girl Cardstock.
 I cut flowers from the glitter roses cardstock
 Then I cut a spiral around one of the roses.  The other roses I sprayed with water and crunched them in my hand technique I showed on the little girl layout last month.
 I wrapped the layers close to the center and stapled in one spot. This is the back side.
This is the front side, it makes the flower in a cup shape.
 I then glued the flowers to the frame, I added book page leaves, and a glitter yellow bird punched from Glitter yellow chipboard.  Yellow dew drops were glued in a cluster on the cup shaped rose.
I added short pieces of yellow Rumple Ribbon from LoveBug Creations.

The small frame, I punched small circles from the Glitter Discovery Girl Cardstock, and covered them with 3D Crystal Lacquer from Sakura. 
 I glued these on to my frame with ribbon from May Arts.  I also used a flower cut from the New Girl baby line, then on top of the flower I glued my medallion.
 This medallion is made from a circle punched from the Glitter Brown Chipboard, then layered on top of the circle are pink tear drops in a circle, and on top of the tear drops is the circle punched and covered in crystal lacquer.  I also cut a square and glued it into a metal tag and covered it with crystal lacquer and tied it with silver metallic string.
Voala,  the frames recycled and updated to fit today's decor.  I also realized as I was working on these frames, the picture of our 3 girls in the 5x7 is the only nice picture I have of them together.  Our middle daughter Naomi passed away when she was 18.  So as I was working on this project, it brought back many memories, I can remember this very day the picture was taken.  I had found a photo in the Victoria Magazine of 3 young girls, and fell in love with the idea of the formality of their dresses, and how they looked at each other instead of the camera.  Love this photo, and our girls.  It has been a fun day.

Ciao and Hugs to you all,


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