Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall in Treiburg

Oh for sure, 
my favorite season is Fall.

I love the cooler mornings,
the change of the leaves, and the falling leaves
all around.

I love the colors
and just the feel of the days.

While we were in Africa for 2 years
there were no falls,
none of the above. 
So now, back in the USA, 
love for the fall season to come,
and I soak in every minute of it.

This layout was so very much fun to create.

I am still scrapbooking our trip to Germany,
there are alot of pictures when you are there for 
a month.  Thank goodness for family
members living there so we can stay that long!

I used:
Gracious Getaway Stripe (back side)
Red Glitter Swirl
Brick Watercolor (retired)
Fall Dew Drops
Autumn Sticker
Yellow tear drops
Fall leaves ( a new embellishment item)
Other products come from my scrapbook stash.

Look for these products on the Robin's Nest Web site

Hope your fall is as enjoyable as mine,
Soaking in all the fall colors and feel of the season.

Hugs to you all,


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