Sunday, August 18, 2013



Many years ago I just couldn't get Hawaii out of my system.

We went several times, over and over,
and each time we came back, I wanted more of that
slow paced, tropical life.

Over the years I have gotten over it, but I do love to go
where there is water.  
I love to camp by the water, and I love to
sit on the beach and just
soak in the beauty of the world of

Here is the cover page that I created for one of my
Hawaii albums.

I decided to do something a bit different. and so the challenge was on.
Different, what is different.

Here I have used leaf beads from my bead stash, and the best find of all
was the use of a CD case/

I took the original papers out, and filled the case with
Robin's Nest glitter paper, beads, yarn and a photo.

Here is the CD case up close.  I just used glue dots
to adhere the case to the page. and glue dots
to adhere the beads to the edge of the inside of the case/

You could also add some pages and make a little book inside the CD
case to make the page even have more meaning.

Mini dew drops in pink ad such character to the page.
I love to drape them down the page 
and then add a few other embellishments 
to complete the look.  
Here I have used a leaf bead, 
and flower stickers.

I love to pull out our Hawaii books and reminisce. 
I don't have to go any more to feel that 
tropic life, I just open my books
and I am there all over again.

Products used:

Glitter Spring Flowers
Glitter Spring Flowers Sticker
Pink Mini dew drops
All other products from my scrapbook stash

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Clearsnap has great inks to add to the look of your page.
This would be awesome to do to this page too.

Hugs to all of you,


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