Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Whites for the Snow Queen

Did I ever tell you that I love white?  It really is my single most favorite color, or uncolor if you want to look at it in a bland way.  I love to wear white shirts and khaki pants, my single favorite outfit.  And after years, I just seem to draw myself to this single color. 

I don't really think there could be too much white, however, I have a husband who does.  I remember when we bought our first crib at a yard sale for our first baby, who turned out to be 2 babies, but anyway, I wanted to paint it white.  Dana said he absolutely would not have a white crib in his house.  I reminded him of this a few weeks ago, and we laughed!  And he said "your right, and I still would not have a white crib in my house!"  Well, there you go, so I have compromised many things in my home that I would have years ago painted white.  Now, years down the road, I am grateful to Dana for not letting me paint everything white.  Our kitchen walls are painted a cream color, and then I distressed them in a honeycomb color, which I absolutely love.  Dana has helped me bring color into my life, instead of just white! Even as I designed this blog, I used that honeycomb color.  He has helped me see and love other colors.

The month of January in my home has lots of white accents, because I love this color.  So today I share with you our white accents in the living room and the kitchen.  During other months of the year I bring white out too, but January is my favorite I think, there is snow outside, 10 inches of it, and I love it too.  After a year of being back home, and little snow last year, I am loving all of this snow this year for sure.  Though, I am not sure that Dana is loving it, I'm not sure our snow blower has been used this much in a week! So here we go, our white accents for January in our home.
Here we are at the island of our kitchen, I always set it with place settings for three, we have 3 chairs here, and it is the favorite place for visitors to sit in the kitchen while I am cooking, and my favorite place to sit and eat when I am alone.  I have been collecting and finding dishes with crowns on them.  I found many of the crowns last year when we were at the Christmas Markets in Germany.  It was so fun to bring them to life this year. 

I wonder is the Snow Queen coming to my house for dinner?  It just is so fun!

I used Martha napkins from long ago for the placemats for each place setting.  I love to accent my white with gold and silver, and then especially brown.  Did I tell you I love brown.  Well, you will see over time, that brown is a given in my house, I love to use it with almost everything.

Again a close up of the place setting.  I think the Snow Queen would love it here.

The counter tops are full of my fun dishes all in white.  Dana and Rachel found these dishes with white embossed snowflakes for me, a Christmas gift.  Love the size of the bowls too. Dana also gave me the cookie jar for Christmas one year.  Love my husband, he really does know what I love!  Throughout the year as I share my home with you, you will see that I use white dishes intermingled with my other dishes all year long.

I love these polar bears, they just bring joy to me and make me smile each time I pull them out in January.  They look like they are stretching to see those white glittered birds in the frosty tree.  This year I glittered these birds in the tree, just sprayed them with glue and sprinkled clear glitter all over them.  I also love the crown.  I found this in the cutest town in Germany last year.  The grand kids love it too, I find it in many different places, where they have worn it around the house.  This is for our imaginary Snow Queen coming to dinner.  I wonder when the little girls come to the house (Jake's girls), if they will swipe the crown from here,  I have been hiding it for the last few months.  They love it that much!

I also love candles made from beeswax.  I found these in Germany last year too at the Christmas Markets.  I have had the little snowman for many years, and the white candle holders I bring out each year at this time.  I found the glittered bird cage this year, I placed it inside a clear glass candle holder on top of the rusted crown.  I also found the mini chandelier at the same store.  I attached the chandelier to the bottom of the lamp.  It really is a Christmas ornament, but I think I will be able to use it throughout the year.  Who says it is only for Christmas!

When I purchased this cute chair with the little children reading, I thought it fit our home perfect.  I love to read books, and so do some of our kids.  Each time I look at this, it brings back so many memories of the kids living at home years ago reading, talking, and just bringing joy to our home.

My living room has an entire wall of rock.  This is one of the walls I wanted to paint white.  It makes Dana cringe when I say this, Paint Rock!!!!  Well, I still to this day think it would be cool, but he loves the natural look of rock and nature for that matter. So as a result it is still the natural color, maybe this is one of the reasons I love brown.  There is alot of brown in nature.  There are lots of things we do just for those men we love.   I have had those logs in the fireplace for years tied with raffia. Dana still teases me for doing this, but I love them for sure.  I looked for years for brass fireplace sticks for the inside of the fireplace.  I finally found these in an antique store, sitting there looking at me saying "We belong in your home."  They have lived here ever since.  Nothing brings greater joy to me than to have a statue of the Savior in my living room.  He helps set the mood of our home.  I honor him every day.

This statue of 2 angels sits on the mantle proudly,  They are my girls in heaven.  I know I keep telling you I will someday write about them, and I will.  Not today, but these beautiful faces with their loving wings intertwined with each other are my reminder of these two wonderful girls of mine.

Here they are again, with PEACE in a pale gold glitter sitting next to them.  Peace could be right there all year long.  Some years it sits there until June, because we so need Peace on the Earth.

I have these dried arrangements in the living room, white larkspur and white ribbon in a white pot.  I have loved these for years, and I wonder if I will ever tire of them.  My temples are here too.  One framed, it is in Manti, Utah, where Dana and I were married, the other one is made of china, it is the Vernal Temple, right here where we live.  A beautiful building right here at home in Vernal.

Again, an angel, and glitter bird in a fun vase.  The woman statue has an etched brass plate at the bottom of it, with Naomi's name and her birth and death dates.  This was given to me by my Aunt and her daughter after Naomi died.  She has a lot of meaning for me and stays in the kitchen to keep me company every day.
Well, there is more to come in a few days.  I love white for January, but you can see that lots of these white accents stay out all year long, as part of our home.  Love them for sure, and the look and feel that it gives our home.

Well for now, Hugs to you all,


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