Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beautiful Covered Wooden Frames

Beautiful Covered Wood Frames

Hi All,
  I started this project because Rachel bought the frames from the Wood Connection in SLC, Utah and wanted me to do a project with them. Well that was about 8 months ago, and I brought the frames home, hung them on the wall of my Scrapbook Room, and there they have been until I finally decided it was time!

They started out in just plain unpainted wood.
I then painted them with burnt umber, red, and gold Delta paints, using a distress technique so they would look older and worn.

I then traced the shape of the frame on the back of my paper/cardstock and cut it out, the frames are larger than 12x12 so I had to be a little creative with the corners. The paper/cardstock is cut in 4 pieces, one for each side.

I had 2 matboards cut to fit the frames, 8x10, and covered both of them with paper, then I distressed them with brown ink.

Here are the 2 papers used for the matboard. Cathedral and Brown Glitter Leopard.

I used Glitter Mocha Trail (left), and Red Glitter Paisley (right) to cover the wood frames with.
I then created flowers using punches and water all with Robin's Nest papers. Papers used for flowers are: Glitter Red Sorbet, Glitter Red Chipboard, Hunter Glitter dot, Honeycomb Fleur, Honeycomb watercolor.
Dew Drops and Tear drops were added to complete the flowers, and swirls on the frames.
Dew Drops used: Chocolate 6mm, Red mini, Forrest Fun Tear Drops, Goldenberry, Amber Diamond Drops. I also die cut a bird with Spellbinders die and Glitter Brown Chipboard and added 3 tear drops for her wings.
Here are some close ups of the flowers.

And Voila, 2 beautiful frames!

So Rachel, here are your frames!
Have a great week!



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