Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Safe Return

Saturday our oldest son Joshua returned home from Afghanistan safe after a 10 month tour.  This is his 3rd tour to the middle east and the war over there.  His first tour after his year was up, he was sent to Kuwait a stop on his way home, only to be put back on a plane back to Iraq and serve for 5 more months.  When Robyn called and said he was home, I was on a business trip, I literally just stopped and cried!  He and Jeremiah had crossed over time in service overseas,  both serving there at the same time and I had had a son in the war for close to 2 1/2 years solid!  I know as a mother my stomach would just churn, and for a while I was stomach sick all the time.  But I was able to turn this fear over to my Heavenly Father and know that He would watch over my sons.  I since am better as these sons serve their country.  Heavenly Father shoulders this burden for me.  I am also able to be very close to their wives, and share their missing them and their worries while they are gone.  They are great women and I am happy to have them be so supportive of their husbands.

I can only say THANK YOU to a gracious Heavenly Father, for keeping him safe, and bringing him home alive.  This is our personal family's 5th tour.  All of our sons serve in the Army.  Joshua was the first to join, followed by his two younger brothers, who both have served a year tour in Afghanistan.

Robyn gave us this picture of Josh for Christmas years ago, it sits on our office shelf, and will forever.  I am so blessed to have sons who love their country so much, and are so willing to serve the American People.

There are times in our lives when we reflect on our greatest blessings.  Our sons are some of these blessings.  They certainly make this mother proud to be their mother.  They are good men with very good hearts.  Each of them are wonderful fathers, I watch them with their children with awe. 

I know that not all soldiers come home safe, or even come home.  I am humbled that my sons have come home safe, to be with their wife and children.  To be able to raise those children.  As I think about these thoughts my heart is full, and I am so humbled for such great blessings as these.


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Robyn said...

I love you...I am so happy he is home too, your sons are great because they have been taught by goodly and incredible parents...I love you!!!