Monday, October 22, 2012

Back from Arizona

We have just finished our 4th trip to Arizona for our mission call. 

It was a great trip, we accomplished all that we were assigned to do.  Traveled to Mesa the first day and met with 2 stake presidents each day after that.  We are formulating the new projects for next year and getting finaces squared away. 

Each stake is at a different level on the Self-Reliance program, but the results of the projects are awesome.  We are working on Self-Reliance Garden projects on the Navajo, Hopi, Apache, and Pima reservations. 

The ultimate outcome so far is the unity that is being formed inside the branches and wards.  Barriers between families and clans are starting to be broken.  They are working together helping each other prepare, plant, and harvest gardens.  The gardens are an oais in the desert really.  And the activity in the branches and wards are rising.  The excitement of having a garden is contagious between the people and families, they are sharing their produce and touching each others hearts. 

These pictures are from our July trip.
We love this work, we love the strengh it is giving them, and the leaders of the branchs.  This is such a beautiful work!



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