Sunday, September 1, 2013

Guest Bedroom - Teals, Browns, Sage green, and Gray

The Guest Bedroom

For a few weeks in December we have been working on our guest bedroom.  It is small and next to the kitchen, so with very little to work with Dana and I began working on the guest bedroom, which for that last 5 years really has just become a extra room to put all the things you don't really have a place for. 

Years ago, I decorated it with grey paint and a fishing wall border, so Dana could have an office of his own.  Well.....I discovered that he really didn't like being put downstairs by the front door, and he liked the laptop in bed to do all his reading and work.  We have another office next to our bedroom, which houses several other computers and all the library of books we have collected over the years.

So, he uses the office upstairs, and this room became a guest room.

Dana stripping the wall border

Dana with grey paint already on the walls

Window in the room, trim not painted, and all the junk I dumped in there.

Original border in the room.

We visited a beautiful temple in Snowflake, Arizona this summer, that was decorated in teals, greens, and grays.  I so fell in love with this combination of colors, that mmmm, I thought this would be a wonderful color scheme for this room.  I added brown to the color scheme.

I pealed a section of paint from the walls, took it to Lowes, and it was scanned and matched, a quart was purchased to paint the areas where the wall border was stripped.  Dana stripped this, and we purchased crown molding, and floor molding.  I painted the crown molding white, the door trim, and floor molding a yellow tan, and the window molding a darker gray than the walls.  This took a week to accomplish, thank goodness for caulk to make all the unevenness of the ceilings look good. 

Jes our daughter, gave me a bedding set, that she had tired of in teal.  Rachel, our oldest daughter, gave us a queen bed with a fabric covered headboard (which just happened to be in the perfect color).  I wasn't sure about the color of it, but thought, if I don't like it, it can be reupholstered.  However, after Dana put the bed together in the room, mattresses on, it looked great when the bedding went on. 

The chair in the bedroom is an antique that we bought in pieces years ago, and I had upholstered it years ago to match the original office idea, but it seems to match on its own too, so I have left it to be the same. 

A former end table from my bedroom is now in the room, with a lamp that I dug out of the closet, not being used.  The flower arrangement I put together this fall, after going through totes of flowers left from our retail store The Robin's Nest.  I literally forgot I had such beautiful flowers, and it was fun to put it together.

This old picture is of Joseph Smith, Dana's mom found it in a flood in the bottom of the
basement of the old original church in Carey, Idaho.  She took the print and mod podged it on
a board, and that is how it came to our home.  Dana many years ago, when we lived in Tennessee, took the
print and made a frame from old wood that was laying around the farm we lived on.  It looks old,
and it literally is old!  

I so love angels, and have collected them for years, I probably purchased the pictures over the headboard 15 years ago.  Some day I will go into detail about my angel stories, but for now, we have lost 2 of our 7 children, so angels have great meaning to me.  I feel their spirits close often.

So for now, this is our guest bedroom, full of love, pantry etched in the new door found in a dumpster by Cortney, and love filled in teal, brown, and sage green.  Funny, as I was going through a few things, I found a blanket we bought in Puerto Vallarta years ago, in just these same colors, it is draped at the end of the bed.  A tray with a small pitcher and cup is on the end table.  The tray purchased in Portugal years ago when we went to pick up our son after serving a mission for 2 years there.

The queen size bed just fits in here, and a few other things I have around the house. 
It feels so fresh and new after all the years of being a junk room.

We are, and now we have a place for guests to sleep,
and feel comfortable.

Until later,



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