Sunday, September 29, 2013


 Hello all,

We are in Mexico City training a Humanitarian couple in the Food program.
  Mainly we teach self-reliance and help them find their own resources,
 and help with what they don't have.  
Teaching this through gardening or chickens.

We had a day in between going out in the field 
to teach and visit homes.
So we took a taxi to the bus station, and then a bus to
this incredible ruins from the Omec people,
at least that is what the guide said.

Behind us is the temple of the moon.
This was named by the Aztec people, as the
ruins were built and discovered by them.
They were abandoned when the Aztec people discovered 
them and it is proposed that these 
temples were built about 600 years
before Christ.  

Here is Dana climbing the last steps of the Temple of the Moon.

Here we are standing on the Temple of the Moon,
down the walkway is called the Walk of the Dead.
This is because it was first thought that the buildings all down the sides
of the walk were where people were buried.
However, this was later discovered that these were
places of worship, not tombs.

The big temple behind us is the Temple of the Sun.
We opted out of climbing it, this climb was
enough for our old bodies.

What a wonderful discovery, 
of this primitive culture.


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