Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Tribute to our Sons Part 2

Hello on this fine July Wednesday.
Robin here posting today and every Wednesday.

I am sharing my box book of our Army sons,
the inside pages of the book.
If you missed it last week I shared the outside of the book.
Here it is.
A Box!

The inside pages are about our sons.

Cover Page
This book is about a 10x10 size.
So only a few pictures can be placed on each page,
a few more if the pictures are small.

I have some pretty awesome sons.
They have been serving in our family for quite a while
the oldest for 14 years now.
This was the first time in many, many years that we were able
to even have them all in the same place together.
much less get a photo of them together.
They are in their dress blues.

Here they are with their father, my closest friend and partner.
This picture I printed off Facebook, where Josh made a tribute to his 
brothers and father.
I have copied this and it is below so you can read it.
Every time I read it, tears come to my eyes, I have a 
real hard time reading it out loud to friends when I want to share.
It is written so beautifully.

This page is just about Joshua.
He has been in the Army the longest in Infantry Division.
So he has seen much on the battle field, and in Baghdad, and many
other places in the Middle East. 
He has one tour to Iraq and 2 tours to Afghanistan.
He is married with 3 children. 
Such a great example to his family.

This is Jeremiah, 
who isn't far behind Josh in service of years
in the Army. He has 2 tours to Afghanistan.
He has married while in the service,
he is a step father to 2, and a father to 3 with one child on the way.
He too is such a great example!

This is our youngest son and child Jacob.
He is married and a father of 4.
He has one tour to Afghanistan,
and is such a good father to his children.

No soldier could have a family without wonderful supportive wives.
These are the O'Crowley Army Wives.
Who have had 4 children on their own while
husbands have been deployed. 
I love these 3 women very much!
They are the cream of the crop, and I salute them for their service
and dedication to our country. Without them our sons
could not be the soldiers that they are.  They too have sacrificed much.

We for some reason forget that these soldiers have families, 
and forget the sacrifice that these families give to our country so we
can have freedom and be safe.
We also have no idea how they come home,
the things that scare them, the dreams they have every night,
the Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) that haunts them 
every single day.  The things they give up, on our nations holidays
because it sounds like they are under fire. The things that we
want to see and celebrate.
I salute you and your wives.

Of course, every soldier has parents
who also pray for them and their safety every day.
A mother who gave them life, and 
a father who helped them become who they
are, and taught them to love country, God, and family.
No parents could be more proud.

Yes, these sons are brothers,
an O'Crowley Band of brothers.
Bound by love, blood, and sacrifice.

My tribute to you.
Joshua, Jeremiah, and Jacob.
I am proud of you,
who you have become, who you
serve, and who you love.

May freedom always have a meaning to you!



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