Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrating the 4th

I so love my country,
 I know I say this all the time, but living for 2 years in Africa just makes me love America more and more.  I remember exercising on the old bike machine looking out the window and seeing the Ethiopian Flag, it always made me want to see my own country's flag.  When Jer and Tara came to visit, they brought us a large American flag, and we hung it over the door in the living room so we could see it everyday and made it better for me.

So when July comes around I go all out. 
 Our flag hangs on the front of our house all year long, it is very important to me to have the flag out year round.  I also hang in my front window a flag with a yellow ribbon on it when we have a soldier from our family on tour.  Jeremiah is gone right now on the 6th tour between our 3 sons, this is Jer's 2nd tour.  
We have 3 awesome sons serving in the military.

I went to Thanksgiving Point a month ago, and they had the home decor area decorated in Americana, which inspired me to make some pillow covers for my pillows in the family room.  We have a red couch and I decided that we would go festive.  I pulled out my Americana box for decorating, and went through a couple of boxes of my old fabrics to see what I had to work with.  I found some blue and white stripe fabric, but the great find was some bandana's from my store that never sold, they were there when we bought the store and still there when we closed the store.  So I decided they were perfect for my pillow cases, they were much bigger than I remember in size.

I also had a place mat that was quilted, and it became a pillow too.  Here is the family room couch and our new pillow cases in Americana.  It just brings such fun and brightness to the room.  I so love it.  There is a 3rd big pillow on the chair, the opposite side of the room.  So virtually they cost me nothing, only time to sew and find the parts.  

In my Americana box were lots of goodies, here are some of the decorations I decided to use.
 Our Olyimpic Blanket looks great as a table cloth on the kitchen table.
 My book about America that I made, and my book 100 Flag.
 Our distressed American Flag about 2 feet tall, I needed some height on the middle table.

 My 12x12 America book that I made from Robin's Nest Products.
 The bar in our kitchen in Red, White, and Blue Dishes.  And the American Flag placemats,  I love coming into the kitchen every morning.  I love the feel of America in my kitchen.
America Placesetting

Our festivities were very fun for the day.  It started with french toast.

We also made stars, hearts and mickey mouse shapes out of watermelon.

We also made red, white, and blue cheesecake. and cupcakes.
And a great BBQ as a family.  Tara and their 5 boys are here, Jake, Britney and their 4 kids are here too.  It has been such a great day.

Tara had all of her family dressed in their Old Navy Flag shirts, they are so awesome!

4th of July was a great day, and we spent the evening at the park watching fireworks, shooting them off at home.  Great day, great family, great memories.

Hugs for America!


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