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At Home with Nature Mini Book

 Wow, What a summer!  Trying to keep up has been a challenge.  I post on my first blog every wednesday, things that
I have created with products from The Robin's Nest,
a company I started 15 years ago.

Earlier this year 
I created this book, and even taught it as a class at Treasured Memories in Utah. 
Each month I teach a book class in Alisa's Scrapbook Store.  
This month on the 27th of July
the book I am teaching is the Cabo San Lucas Mini book posted 
under Robin's Posts.  
We would love to have you come and join our class.

At Home with Nature Mini Book

This is the cover of my Nature Book.  Dana and I love to take our RV up to the 
Uintah Mountains 
we can see from our home.  
Just to retreat!  Which is where we are this week.

This Book is such a classic and can be used for 
Camping, Hiking, Campfires, Nature lovers, and just about anything Nature
you can think of.

Products used on the cover half page:
Glitter Getaway Leaf CS
Camping Sticker
Trees Cricut cut from B/W Pinetree CS
Leaves Cricut from Stencil Green/Plum
Mountains diecut from Glitter Witch Accessories
Other elements from my scrapbook stash

 This is the edge of the book, you can see that the first page is half page with the
 Robin's Nest Camping sticker 
coming out over the edge.  Each page is labeled from where the photos are taken.
I have used many elements and different papers in this book.
You don't necessarily have to use Nature or Woodsy papers
to create a Nature look. 
Letters are from my scrapbook stash

 I love this pocket page created on the back of the half page.  
Journaling paper is attached to the tag inside the pocket page.
I created a full page look with a Cricut shape cut to 8" then framed it.
I then created a swirled leave motif with dew drops and tear drops.
Products used on these pages
Olive Daisy CS
Olive Fleur CS (retired)
Brown CS
Glitter Getaway CS
Tree motif Cricut from B/W Pinetree CS
Tree motif background Cricut from Brown Herringbone
Small tag from my stash

 The dew drop swirl leaves are created with  ff-mini dd's(brown) 
and leaf green tear drops.  All adhered with the Best Glue Ever.

 Page 2 is created with great balance.
  I love how it looks, and that you can fit 4 pictures on one side of the book.  
This is a fairly simple layout.

Products used:
Camping Sticker
Brown Glitter Chipboard (punched birds)
Adventure Ribbon
Leaf Cricut from Brown Herringbone CS
Glitter Getaway CS
Green Mini Dew drops
Clear Large Dew Drop

 Again, just a simple layout, and I used the excess of paper from the die cut pages to frame my photos.
To create the edge on the oval tree sticker, I stuck the sticker down, then I pulled up the edge of the sticker
with my fingernails, then the white edge shows, and it looks dimensional.

Products used:
Getaway Glitter Leaf CS
Camping Sticker
Glitter Green Journaling tag
Brown Tear drops
Leaf Cricut from Brown Herringbone CS

They grow so good in the forests!  

Products used:
Olive Green Velvet Ribbon
Leaf Stripe CS
Getaway Stripe CS
Glitter Getaway CS (borner)
Glitter Green Journaling Tag
Camping Sticker
Leaf Green Tear drops
Leaf Cricut from Brown Herringbone CS

I so love texture in my books.
Burlap is added to this page layout to add this texture
I used a Halloween paper die cut out in the mountains shape for the look
of mountains on this page.

Products used:
Natural Burlap
Glitter Green CS
Glitter Green Journaling Tag
Leaf Cricut from Green Stencil
Mountains die cut from Glitter Witch Accessories
Glitter Brown Chipboard (Birds)
Leaf Green tear drops 

This is another fun pocket page.  
I used a simple layout technique, with 3 of the same size photos on each side but I put the trio of photos on the opposite sides of the layout, and then, 
used different shapes to complete the balance of the pages.
I used a circle punch on the edge of the pocket.
So true confessions,  I accidentally punched my holes on the wrong
side of the page, but I put twine in the holes
and it looks like 
I planned it!
Wish I was that smart! 

Products used:
Getaway Stripe (back side)
Glitter Getaway CS
Camping Sticker (popped up)
Trees Cricut from B/W Pinetree
Brown 6mm Dew drops
Leaf Green Tear drops
Leaf Cricut from Green Stencil  
Small tag from my stash

This book is full of very simple layouts.  This too is one of them.  It also has great texture.  A piece of brown linen is behind the picture on the left, then topped with 2 Spellbinders bird shapes cut from our Glitter chipboard.  This is the opposite side of my ooppsy holes, but they just make the page look complete!

Products used:
Glitter Brown Chipboard
Glitter Getaway CS
Brown CS
Chocolate Dew drops
Dark Green Tear drops
Extra pieces of Glitter Getaway Stripe

This is another peek a boo pocket page.  
In the middle between the layout is a small pocket page made from 
Glitter Getaway CS.  I punched the edge with a circle punch.
then embellished it with a Cricut nest and eggs.
Again I pulled up the edges of the sticker with the trailer on it
to make the dimensional look.

Products used:
Glitter Getaway CS
Glitter Getaway Stripe CS
Camping Sticker
Brown Herringbone CS
Glitter Green Journaling tag 
Green and Brown Dew Drops
Green tear drop

Here are the pattern designs without pictures.

I hope you enjoyed my Nature book.  I so love it, and love to
share my ideas with you!

Tell me how you like this book!  
I love to hear your comments.

Hugs to you!


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