Sunday, March 1, 2015

Picking Blueberries in Alaska

Hello Readers,

I can honestly say that of all the things we did when we
visited Alaska, this was one of my favorite days.

We arrived for a visit in Alaska in August, packed for August in Utah
weather!  Ha!  Were we ever surprised.  It was cool and rainy,
so the very first thing we needed to do was go find warm clothes,
Sweatshirts, long pants, and even socks!

I was so not thinking cool days, rain, and fog,
But to be part of this weather was so very fun.
One morning we ate breakfast and drove for quite a while
in the rain.  Stopped for some shooting practice, and then
off to find blueberries and rose hips.

We arrived in at the end of the road, where
there was only dirt roads, and construction workers
chopping down trees, and then walked for a while to find
this beautiful area full, full, full of blueberry bushes.

You have to be careful when you go picking because
the bears like blueberries too.

The grandkids were great blueberry pickers, and they found some
rose hips there too.  The fog was so fascinating for me,
and I spent some time alone with the camera, capturing the
beauty and quietness of the morning fog. 

I loved the pictures of the pickers,
the talking, the working, the fog, all in one.

It took a few pages to show this beauty of this fun morning,
and the sheer joy of just being in the mountains.

I hope that if you never get to Alaska and experience this,
that just maybe through some of these photos you 
can feel what we felt, the fog rolling through the trees,
the crispness of the air, the complete joy of 
just being part of nature, and partaking of the quietness of the day.
Picking blueberries was the bonus.

When we arrived home, Robyn made blueberry pie,
and it was to die for!  Such a wonderful treat.



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