Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thumbelina Zinnia's

I am preparing the flower beds for the winter right now.  This year has been so fun for me to work in my flower beds and make some major changes, taking away a huge flower bed from the yard, and incorporating more flowers into the current beds. 

I so love to work with dirt, and have to say that I love to weed.  Some days it is a bit exhausting, but as a whole, I like it.  Dana had to help me with one of the fowerbeds this year, it was so full of grass, I could not even pull the clumps out.  He would dig, and I would lift the patch of grass and dirt into the wheelbarrow.  It was a few hours of this to get a 6' x3' area clear of all the grass. This year was a bit harder than most years.  We spent the last 2 years in Ethiopia as Humanitarian Missionaries for our church, and as a result when we arrived home in December last year the flower beds had weeds and grass up to my waist. 

I knew the challenge was on, so I have plugged away on the flower beds one by one, month by month this summer, weeding them over and over again to achive a better look.  NO WEEDS and NO GRASS, I am so excited for this awesome look in my yard.

Almost there, the spring will show my work for sure.  I think that I will be able to enjoy the tulips much more next year with the dirt clear of weeds and grass.  This will bring me great joy as I peer out the bedroom window into the flower beds over the winter and into the spring.

Here is a photo of my thumbellina Zinnia/s.  I wanted them to look so cool in this photo, so I tried something new with my photography, and they certainly do.  Love how they look in the flower beds as well. These will dry and be my seeds for next years plants.  I will share pics of the flower beds in a different post later on.  For now I love flowers and life.




Robyn said...

I want you to come up and help me with my flower beds!! Just one more trip to Alaska next summer is all I'm asking! ;)


Robin said...

We'll see how the schedule goes. Love to share.