Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas!

Over the years I have simplified Christmas,
and our trees are one of 
those things that have become very
fun and fast.

I sprayed the trees with fake snow
after I put the lights on them.
This a trio of trees, 
I decorate them once every
5 or 6 years, leave them decorated
and then wrap them up at the end of each Christmas
season.  Then when next year comes
I just unwrap and put them in our
bay window, already decorated!!!!
So easy and awesome.

Here they are, 
I did redecorate this year,
taking everything to White, Gold, and Natural,
with a touch of book pages.

I always put our Nativity under the tree.
We don't do presents for each other,
so the Savior is the best part of under the tree.

This year I painted the back of the stable
black and made a stencil 
of the saying and painted on the 
back of the stable.

It turned out so fun.
And gives the finishing touch to our
Nativity that I feeling it was missing.

Our ornaments on the tree are angels,
Nativities, and stars.
A few glitter ornaments of course.
I like the angels in the tree
as I feel like they are singing
Joy to the World,
and rejoicing for the birth of
the Savior.

This ornament we found at the 
Christmas markets in Germany a few years ago.

 Some of our ornaments come from around 
the world, where we have visited and 
where we have lived.  Some of the ones
in these pictures are from Ethiopia.

The Yellow baby Jesus was made by my
Aunt who lives in Germany.
Wax ornaments are a precious and
expensive items at the Christmas Markets.
I feel honored to have such a wonderful
ornament from her.

Baby Doe comes from our years in college,
I worked at a store that used her face for all of their
signing, and huge pictures of her
hanging from the ceilings. 

So when they were all being thrown
away, I salvaged them and made her faces
into ornaments.
We also have a large framed picture of her
that I bring out each 
Christmas Season.

Well, our 3 small trees
are tucked neatly in the bay window.
their white lights glisten 
all day and in the evening.
This is our way of celebrating
Joy to the World.

Centering our tree around
Jesus, the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas!


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