Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas in our Home

It is such a joy to be
 Each day we are here, I soak in all
of the things that I love, and the world that
surrounds me.
We travel so much that when we are home,
I just want to enjoy every minute 
of the peace that I feel in my home.

This year I made a few changes in our Decorating.
I decided to use book pages as my theme.
So, I must say, I have ripped apart
a few books around here.

Our home is very eclectic.
When we bought it, it was a true fixer upper.
Today, it is very comfy, and
most people when they visit tell us
this is the home they just feel comfortable in,
anyone is welcome.

We will start in the living room.
It is across from the dinning room
our previous post.
The fireplace was already here, made from rocks gathered
from all over the Uintah Basin, where we live.
It is quite rustic.

I love and have collected a few angels over the years,
they are all over the living room.
This sign was in my mothers Christmas boxes
that we went through and shared with brothers and sisters.

The bay window is filled with
a trio of trees
decorated in white, gold, and silver.

Under the trees is our Nativity.
I bought and painted it the 2nd year of our 
marriage, so it is quite special to us.
I still do not have all the pieces, and this
year I will look for someone that 
does ceramics so I can finish the rest of the pieces
for this beautiful set.

On the old phonograph is this vignette.
Stephanie, my sister in law made this
cute trio of angels from old spindles and metal.
They live in the living room all year long.
Next to them is my newest nativity we brought home
from Guatemala.

Here is my jester.
I used to have him out all year long too,
and maybe this year I will not pack him away,
we will see.
His head is from a puppet I played with as a child, 
he lived in our toy box for years and my mom
gave him to me when I had children.
I have always been taken with his happy face.
Many years ago, I took him
and fabric to a special designer,
Nettie's Gnomes in Springville, Utah
to make me a jester.
She had him for years, when I finally called her
and said, I need to have him back, 
he is a special antique from Germany.
She did make him, and gave his head a body.
He is very special in our home. 

Here is another nativity that sits at the hearth of 
our fireplace.  The star above
the nativity, I found at the German Christmas 
markets 2 years ago.

Now we go through the dining room into the kitchen,
really the kitchen and dining room are all 
one big room.

I just love this picture of Mary and baby Jesus.
I had it framed in the frame store years ago that we owned.
It needed lots of mat so the picture really was the 
center of life.
This picture is painted by Simon Dewey.
I love his work, wish I had more.

Just a fun display of trees, and white dishes (my favorite)

This kitchen counter has just a simple display
of White and red, the only red I left in the decorating.
It's because I want to decorate my kitchen in
these colors. The salt and pepper
shakers were my inspiration for this,
Some time I will get this done and share with you.

I love the white board ceramic easel,
it has proven to be more than I had intended it to be,
my Ipad fits on it perfectly,
so I can read recipes from it as I cook.

The pantry door I showed how to paint
in a previous post, 
it is just so fun in this kitchen.
And what I like even better is the organization 
inside, a project we completed
a year ago. It is in a previous post too.
Love my wreath I made, 
book pages just tied in bows
and clear ornaments with ripped pages inside.

Our kitchen window looking out into the yard.
My white orchid is in bloom right now.
Love our greenhouse and the wonderful
things it does for the plants!
the crowns remind me of the
3 Kings who came to
bring gifts to baby Jesus.
I collect crowns now, just a few,
and during the Christmas season,
there are 3 crowns on window sills
through out the house.

Just a few more photos of little
things around the house.

Merry Christmas to you!

Enjoy the season.

Thanks for visiting our home.


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